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    Cain began gorge himself on the saltiest, sweetest most sour and most fat filled foods he could find...for about two minutes. He than stopped and asked "Anyone know any myths, legends? rumors? pertaining about strong pokemon, magic artifacts, and organizations? If anyone feels on the spot I could spin a yarn first."
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    Jocquim answered the boy's question first. "I have an estate located near Violet City. Wonderful place, forests to die for, and plenty of room for the Pokemon I keep there. I don't go there very often nowadays because I'm mostly just trying to spend what years I have left wandering the world." His gaze then flickered to Mr. Mars for a few moments.

    "I know plenty of tales - Mr... Mars, was it? - but I never was a great storyteller. Perhaps you should start us off, since it was your idea to begin with."

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