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    New Domino City, as you know, was formed from the result of Kaiba Corp and the past Domino city. Domino City was the origin for many of the events that shaped the Duel Monsters universe, from the birth of Kaiba Corp to the Creation of Synchros and so much more.

    The ties that bind the past and future of this city are not so segregated as time would like them to be.

    With the passing years since the last incident in New Domino City, peace has settled in, but for how long it can last is another question. Troubles from a past long forgotten have resurfaced with the outbreak of outstanding new duelists, and an power once thought sealed by the king of games, is being revived. For now, the residents have no idea of what's to come, so they live their lives peacfully; but peace can only last for so long.

    You are a resident in the advancing New Domino City or its counterpart, the being restored Sattelite across the sea. You go on about your lives if your an adult, or to Duel Academy if you are eighteen or younger. As you go on, incidents will begin to occur, stirring issues in the city as an underground organization begins to arise. You may RP as an original character, relative to an original character or an OC, and live throughout this time and fight or fear the new threat, the Luminati.




    Example (Sign-Up)

    List of cards that can't be used

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    Name: Rei Valentine


    Gender: Male

    Unique Features: Part of his hair is naturally blue, and he has a large scar over his left eye.

    Eyes (Shape/Color): Normal black eyes.

    Hair (Style/Color): Shoulder length black hair, with a large strand of blue hair.

    Body (Shape. i.e, slim, wiry, bony, muscular, etc.): thin and agile.

    Skin-Tone (Pale, black, tan, etc): Pale

    Personality: He is very kindheartened. He always tries to be friends with everyone, but he'll use his own friends to further his own agendas. He has an extreme fear of fire. He is very protective of his cards, and tends to go over the top in and out of duels. Out of duels, he tends to act stupid, but in duels he is able to create strategies on the fly.

    Backstory/History (optional): He never knew anyone in his family, as he was raised by his duelist brother. He believes his dad may be a famous duelist, so he ran away from his home to join Duel Academy unknown by his brother. Taking his families prized Dark Armed Dragon, Rei sent out to be a strong enough duelist to find his fire. One day as he was traveling there a group of thugs cornered him and stole the card. Eventually, Rei got it back but nearly died in the flames he had caused, which gave him his scar. When he got to the Academy, he saw a graffiti sign saying, "I'm Jaden and I'm absolutley flawless!"


    -Deck Name: Dark Destruction

    -Playing Style: Force

    -Exclusive Card: Dark Armed Dragon
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    Default Re: Neo Arcadia (Yu-Gi-Oh/Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds RP)

    Accepted, but read the rules.
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    Name: Alexander Gray
    I'm Jaden and I'm absolutely flawless!
    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Unique Features: He wears contacts which color his eyes to mimic what a cat's natural eye would look like. He also carries an eagle headed cane at all times and carries his deck in a case which snaps on to his belt loops.

    Eyes: He has cat eyes that are rather oval. His eyes seem to give off the aura of a higher knowledge or exceptional vision.

    Hair: Alexander has brown mixed in with natural grey hair that is neatly combed in a professional style.

    Body: Alexander is tall and though he is skinny, he has a natural stocky frame.

    Skin-Tone: His skin is rather pale considering he comes from a tan skinned family but it is still naturally darker than white people.

    Personality: Observant and as sharp as a hawk, Alexander's wit knows no measure. He is very smart and observant and usually seems to have almost unnatural foresight into future events due to his analytical nature. He is a bit of a neat freak and he tends to shake when he is nervous, even in the middle of a duel. However, other than that he mentally disciplined himself to act with deadly precision and makes it a point to always be in control of the situations that he is placed in. He can create elaborate strategies with variables and has rather handy observation skills while dueling but his downfall is most likely his jitters and lack of proper counter cards in some situations.

    Backstory/History: Born a protege to a rather wealthy and well known family, Alexander has known the burden of greatness his entire life. Rejecting the material joys of immense wealth, Alexander instead took to becoming a scholar, easily outclassing his classmates in every intellectual aspect of their schooling at the private school. Yet he had plenty of free time and spent it usually studying or reading or on the rare occasion, relaxing. Graduating at an early age, Alexander soon discovered his worst enemy. Boredom. So he took up duel monsters after it began to spread again and quickly fell in love with the game. He soon began to rise within the local ranks after losing and winning a few cards and occasionally decks. Finding himself at another academy, the Dueling Academy, Alexander plans to do what he does best.



    -Deck Name: The Everlasting Wall

    -Playing Style: Very defensive. A burn deck that relies on Exxod's card effect along with some smartly placed traps and spells. He locks his opponent into a corner and makes sure they don't get out.

    -Exclusive Card: Exxod, Master of the Guard

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    You read the rules ^.^' Accepted. Nice choice of card.
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    Default Re: Neo Arcadia (Yu-Gi-Oh/Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds RP)

    I tend to do that xD

    And thanks, its my favorite.


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