Hello everyone! Decided I would try my hand at a Naruto RP. In it, You shall take the role of a young ninja, near the end of the academy. This takes place in the Mist village, and it is assumed that Naruto became Hokage. Well, here it is!

Rules: 1:All Bulbagarden rules
2:Swearing is allowed. Just don't be droppin F-bombs in every sentence.
3:If your character does get a relationship, keep it PG-13. I'm fine with just them makin out, but if it gets farther than that just PM me what happened. For gods sake, don't give me all the details. A simple "We did it" will suffice.
4:GOOD GRAMMAR! I don't want it to be perfect, just don't make it look like a five year old wrote it. Seriously.
6: If you continuously fail to follow these rule, you will be banned from the RP.

The following is an excerpt from the journal of a Fire village Chunin, found dead in his home. Several pages were torn out when Anbu arrived. Writer may have had connections to mysterious cults.

Ninjas...dedicated to secrecy, the protection of their village. The Five Great Nations have finally recovered from the threat of Madara, and civilization is starting to prosper. Life is well. But new creatures are stirring. Strange demons...And what of the Akatsuki? They may have fallen, but there is now a gap to fill...What is that? I heard something. Probably my imagination. Well, I'm off t-

Blood covers remaining page. Rest of the pages are blank.

Name: (Simple.)
Nickname: (If your character doesn't have one, don't put anything.)
Age: (Again,simple)
Gender: (Are you a boy or a girl? Hey, what's my grandsons name by the way?)

Weapon: (What does your character fight with?)
Jutsu of choice: (What branch of jutsu do you excel in? Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, etc.)

Personality: (What does your character act like? No one-liners, please.)

Appearence: (What does your character look like? What clothes do they wear? If you put a picture, put anything not within that picture.)

History: (What is your characters background? Don't just give one-liners.)

So mine would be;

Name: Zero Babylon
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Weapon: Katana
Jutsu of choice: Genjutsu

Personality: He is always messing around with people, and gets in trouble nearly every day. When alone, he is extremely quiet, collecting his thoughts. He doesn't like people being bullied, and will actually hunt bullies down for amusement.

Appearence: http://i692.photobucket.com/albums/vv290/darkdemon334/role%20play/rp.jpg

History: He first started out as a kid who was soft spoken, and his friends always talked for him. One day, he and his friends were mugged by some older kids, in which Zero and his friends were beat up. The next day, Zero was walking with his metal bat when he saw the older kids trying to impress some girls. Zero heavily injured the older boys, and began to stick up for himself. He began gaining a reputation as a bully hunter, but he doesn't go after bullies who hurt him, as he believes he isn't worth fighting for. Because of this, he is constantly mocked despite his sheer skill.