Waves crash on the rocks below the jagged cliff, marked by patches of green. Aian, Bringer of Light, High seat of the Banan Council, Abbot of the Monastery, looks down at the raw power of the elements. It will be a tough crossing this year, as the new students plough towards the island on ships of wood and cloth. He turns his gaze to the docks where they will land, to the village of Manakise. The rain battered their thatched rooftops, the wind threw loose items across the dirt streets. This was how they lived.

You are a new student to the Monastery, Academy of the Magical Arts, based on the island of Hanik. The island is a windswept rock, containing only the Monastery, its grounds, and the village of Manakise. You know nothing of magic, only that you can use it.


The Monks


SU sheet:

(Everyone is 14 to start with)