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    Default Megaman: Biometal Chronicles

    "Welcome Megamen/Megawomen." said the figure who had freed Graham, Graham saw there were 6 others dressed like him. "We have liberated you from the clutches of Model W that was going to use you and your Biometal Models for his conquest for the destruction of Earth." The hooded figure continued, "We each have your Biometal models and you'll be recieving them now. After we'll be escaping this facilty to a resistence base." Graham saw his liberator approach him and hand over the so-called Biometal. "Geez thanks..." Graham quietly replied. "My name is model A, I am pleased to meet you Graham Ashta." The model spoke as it was placed into his hands. "WHAA!" Graham yelled in surprise falling backwards from shock.

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    "I can't fuse with you! You're a man!" Model Z said to Eliot.
    "...No. No I am not." Eliot said.
    "Oh. Okay then." Model Z said, as she was placed in his hands. "I like tea and video games."
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    Zaire looked at the two others as they received their 'models'.
    "Cool," he said to himself as he was handed his own. The model he was handed was a purple, with dark eyes. It reminded him of some sort of ninja.
    "How come my doesn't talk like your models?" Zaire asked as he shook the model in his hand.
    "Would you please refrain from shaking me?" Said a calm and stoic voice. Zaire looked down at his Model.
    "Oh! So you do talk. That's really cool. My name's Zaire!" Said Zaire with enthusiasm.
    "I am simply known as Model P. It is a pleasure." said the model.

    "We'll make a great team! Just you wait." "I really hope that's true.." The Model said, with a hint of doubt in his otherwise calm voice.

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    "This is so cool, oh darn it i forgot to introduce myself i'm Rina"said Rina in an excited voice.
    "Well it's nice to meet you Rina"said Model X.
    "By the way how do you work these?"asked Rina.


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