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    Everything you knew about the Battle Network Series was wrong.

    Lan and Hub Hikari never existed.

    Wily didn't run WWW.

    And there was a much darker tale...

    Everything you know was a cover-up...

    From the very begining you will help tell the true story of the Megaman Battle Network days. A tale that was hidden from the rest of the world. Join WWW, the netpolice, be a solo navi, a regular net-op, or even a rogue.

    Just remember that you are telling the REAL story to what happened in that dark era...

    Sign-Up Sheet



    List of Megaman Battle Network Elements.

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    WWW Leader

    Just so you know, I am the epic ninja master...
    of failure! Sometime's I fail to fail ^.^'

    I support Faithshipping!


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