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    Default Lost Leader Round 1

    In lost leader, you are your first starter, and your trainer has gone missing, and you, along with three of your comrades, must find him/her and reunite with them.

    •A dedicated folder (if something is marked with *, put it here)
    •A text document with your stats and supplies*
    •A text document serving as a journal on your journey*
    •A photo of your trainer (Official art, fanart, or your own art. Use photoshop or something to give it a personal touch for uniqueness sakes.)*
    •A photo of you (Official art, fanart, or your own art. Use photoshop or something to add accessory from story)*
    •A set of D20 Dice
    ○More will be added later, please check back frequently○

    Choose something notable from your trainer, and wear it throughout the story. It serves as a constant reminder of your need to find them. If your accessory is stolen or lost, you must stop to find it or get it back.
    Example: Brendan's headband.

    Use the name and appearance of your first game. You don't have to live in the same region (I.E. Brendan originates from Jhoto, so your story may revolve around that, in one form or another)

    Types of reports:
    Local report: A blog entry updated daily or weekly (your choice). Must be approved by a watcher. (Mark with "[Lost Leader Round # Local Report]"
    World report: A thread that will go up here (RPs and CSs) dedicated to reporting your progress. Report weekly or monthly.

    Each round is an undetermined amount of time in which the members are locked. Members are free to rotate in and out between rounds only, joins during a round will be ignored.

    Member cap:
    Currently, we are accepting all members, but there may be cutoffs due to an oversized population if it get's too popular (yeah right).

    Same as your first game. If you can't remember and don't have the save on hand, make up some stats that you think are close enough.

    No cheating, don't screw with other people, other than that you're free to do pretty much anything.

    Random events:
    Sometimes, watchers will impose a random event on a player. These can range from meeting old friends, to fighting wild Pokémon, to even getting caught! If a Watcher imposes a challenge on you, don't slink away, take it as a challenge, and add it to your objectives and abuse the possibly game-breaking results with gusto.

    Getting caught:
    Sometimes, in a random event, a trainer will try to catch you. Here's how you calculate your odds of resisting capture (yes there is math):
    Add your Level/10 and your HP/50 (rounded to the nearest tenth), and you get your "resist value"
    Then, roll 1D20 to get your "catching roll"
    If the catching roll is higher than the resist value, then you've been caught, but if the resist value is higher than the catching roll, then you've not been caught.
    If you're caught, you have to follow your trainer (played by a watcher), to either resist or comply to his/her orders. Resisting may get you out quickly if you're lucky, but you can also guide the trainer to help you get to your true trainer faster.

    Watchers serve as DMs and Mods, making sure the rules are in place, playing as NPCs, and keeping peace in worlds that two or more players have decided to share. Watchers can not play while watching, and if they have a current game, it is interpreted that the characters they play are resting. To enter to be a watcher, copy and paste ♦ by your round in your application. Super Watchers can watch and play at the same time, and usually are only awarded to veteran watchers and players who've demonstrated their ability to follow and enforce the rules.

    Application template:
    Rounds to sign up for (edit every season, don't make a new post each season)
    Trainer name:
    Pokémon name:
    Pokémon Stats:

    •Attack/Defense/SP. Attack/SP. Defense
    •Moveset: (move 1, PP; move 2, PP; move 3, PP; move 4, PP)
    Support Pokémon 1:
    •Attack/Defense/SP. Attack/SP. Defense
    •Moveset: (move 1, PP; move 2, PP; move 3, PP; move 4, PP)
    Support Pokémon 2:
    •Attack/Defense/SP. Attack/SP. Defense
    •Moveset: (move 1, PP; move 2, PP; move 3, PP; move 4, PP)
    Trainer Photo:
    Pokémon Photo:
    Backstory summary:
    (try and fit it into 50 words)
    ○(place any questions here)○

    Member list
    Super Watchers:

    None, volunteers welcome

    None, volunteers welcome
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    Default Re: Lost Leader Round 1

    Argh, this sounds like a lot of work. I'd love to have my super awesome SWAMPERT try to find me, though.

    BTW, Brendan's from Hoenn, not Johto. That's also where my Swampert's from.

    I'll get to work on something like this soon. Or something. Yeah.


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