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    Hey all, its been awhile since ive been an RP. Im in one right now, but i want to do another, but with a different plot. I am looking for someone dedicated enough to check at least once every 1-2 days. I would only like 1 other person please. lastly, if you could be in or near the pacific timezone it would be awesome.

    PLOT: Two young trainers are setting out from Pallet town Kanto. They are just going out on normal pokemon trainer journeys. Little do they know, the legendaries think their the "chosen ones". Along their journey, the legendaries send various "tests" to these trainers to prove if they are actually the "chosen ones".Can these trainers beat these tests and porve they are the chosen ones?

    If your interested, please reply! :)
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    Im back! I play mtg outside of this, so hmu to talk the card game! ;)

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    Default Re: Looking for a PRP

    I'd like to join, if you're okay with that. ^_^

    Sounds like a great idea!
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    Default Re: Looking for a PRP

    I am interested in participating in this as my first Roleplay. TFSanta already replied, but would it be possible for you to open one more slot?

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    @Teh Dragon Trainer

    Well, sure! :) There sthree starters, so three people. I'll make the thread and VM both of you
    Im back! I play mtg outside of this, so hmu to talk the card game! ;)


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