Life Behind Walls

Being small has its advantages. A crumb is a meal, a thread is a rope, and a pin is a sword. Then again a cat is a monster, a splinter is a spike, and a human well a human is how you die very very fast.

Me and my family live in house number 24 on Tyebolt Way. Its part of a number of houses all put together side by side. The humans do this to save space. For us it opens many opportunities. Houses 20 to 25 are all connected, and thusly so are the borrower families. We've all been here for a really long time. My family goes back four generations, but with every new family of big people we find new challenges come. This year a new group of them have moved into house 25. They're loud noisy and very nosy. We need to be extra careful about them. The thing is they have all sorts of new things.

So long as the big people don't see us we can go on our merry way. If we interfere too much they may start looking for us, and that never ends well. Thats why we have all of our passages in the walls. once you can traverse those you can get anywhere. If you are really brave you go out into the garden. Occasionally we can pick herbs or other handy things, but outside the house is as dangerous if not more than outside the walls.

Role: You play a borrower. You of course act as a provider for your family, and must traverse the dangerous household to do so. The five borrower families are in mostly good standing with one another, and will usually help the other. They trade and socialize often with house 23 being the "town center" if you would. It is an ancient rule that you don't let humans see you, and you are not to try to interact with them. If you do well depending on how and who you interact with different things may happen, so be careful!

Setting Note: most major tech doesn't exist. No cell phones, no computers. There is no real set year for this, but think sort of the fifties, and yeah we're in Britain ((but no need for accents or anything)). The borrowers world inside the walls is very clever and has all sorts of contraptions to get around. So its sort of steampunk, but with no steam. Its bits and pieces of big people stuff put to new use for borrowers.

Standard forum rules.
Standard decency rules.
Teen = average violence minor romance.


Name: ((last names tend to be household items. ex. Cup, Table, Pin))
Gender: (M or F. for simplicity))
Age: ((16-28))

Appearance: Photo works fine.

Personality: Whats your opinion on the big people? how do you act when you are borrowing? with your family? what makes you tick?

Background: what is your family history? what has happened in your life? Any great borrowing tales?

Belongings: the things you take with you while borrowing. remember you are about as tall as a pop/soda can.

Family: parents? siblings? these are just needed so we know who else lives in the houses. families can have up to 5 people which includes you. No need to go all out just show who they are when you have to in the story.

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