Every Legendary Pokemon out there has been controlled by a mastermind of darkness! Now all the Pokemon have revolted, except one and only one for each Trainer. The one Pokemon is the one that is most friendly to its Trainer. Here, you come to stop this evil, peace hating master, along with a few friends. The only problem is that he travels through time to escape while creating disaster for everyone else, with an unknown reason. Your first encounter with him begins now.

Here, you choose you and your Pokemon's stats. Choose in this format:



Pokemon: (all are LV 10 to start, and may be any non-legendary)


Description: (visually)


Other: (basically, anything special about you or your Pokemon you DIDN'T list before)

This RP is rated T, meaning no strong language, sexual themes, or, basically anything too "adults-only." This is Pokemon, and violence will probably be used, but don't overdo it, okay? I will post on this page again if I see enough members.

This is me:
Name: Ylta

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Kirlia

History: Just appeared out of nowhere on a Saturday night. He was always feared by everyone for being an outsider, so he ran away, hoping to find a friend.

Description: Has long, purple hair, wears a black business suit with red outlines, and has a orange armband that cannot be read.

Personality: Is never really confident in himself, but whenever anyone is in peril, he somehow excels at saving them, as if he had unknown experience.

Other: His Kirlia, whenever hurt to an extent, burst into rage and deep sadness, sending Shadow Balls everywhere, and using Perish Song as if to ease the pain.