Three Years Ago, the lights went out. Around the Earth electricity failed. It was a power cut, that never switched on again. In the following months strange things began to happen. People disappeared from their homes, strange beings were sighted. The Government could do nothing, because their power was crumbling. Anarchy was coming, and so were the daemons. However, across the world, eight people were each blessed with the powers of Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Plants, Light and Dark. One monk brought all of these people together, and set out to train them to fight the daemons. There is one year until Armageddon. The fight starts now.

The RP is based in an abandonned monastry in the Isles of Scotland. You are one of the seven Gifted and here you are going to learn how to control your power, fight hand to hand, and save mankind from destruction by the daemons.

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