It was a long time ago in the month of January. Wait it is actually this month? Oh dear. Well this story started way back earlier this month it was a quiet night for UN after they found out that their previous sponsored team got lost in a mission to stop the end of the world however they ended up in a parallel universe after Dikembe Mutombo was on an Old Spice ad doing the same thing. The Government didn't know what to do, the last time they didn't have a group of superheroes helping and working with them...the Cubs actually won the World Series. I mean people this can't happen again, this could be worse than Will Smith aging. So what did the Government do? They decided to watch the Movie called The Right Stuff hoping that the Communists will stop them from taking over the moon until they remembered that it was 2013 and not 1961. So they tired to hire a savvy businessman named Richard Branson but he ditched them. They even tried asking Tom Cruise but he had to act in a movie coming out soon. With their options limited they decided to ask a woman from Argentina who lived in Australia and was born in South Africa with American parents named Ingrid Harrison.

Ingrid accepted the position and quickly hired a PR manager by the name of Max Hill and a scout named Mr. Bannister who used to work in fashion. Ingrid's job was to control a team of young superheroes and make them form a team to save the world from any crisis that can happen for many odd reasons. She figured that she needed people that could be controlled and not someone like Superman who ended up in the other dimension or so they want the public to believe. So Mr. Bannister decided to go around the world to find this heroes and offer them the opportunity of a lifetime.

Your role

You're a hero that has been recruited. You will live on the free rooms in a very plushy housing unit with the whole works including an ice coffee machine and a teleporter (Will be completed in 2019)

You and your teammates will fight against the evil, help the world or even end up on TV shows as guest stars. Anything can happen

About the RP

This is going to be a bad villain or a couple but this is a light hearted RP with different personalities.

I control Ms. Harrison, Mr. Bannister and Max. Anyone can control the government officials, UN, other countries, other planets if they PM me first

No Reserves except mine cause I have is late but yeah

10 heroes max inclusive of 9 slots people



- All forum rules apply (So BMGf rules)
- No godmodding, bunnying, flaming and etc.
- Be active
- Keep the romance at a suitable level (PG-13)
- Violence and language again PG-13
- No Killing at all
- No overpowered characters
- Have fun
- No Killing

SU sheet

Superhero name:
Name (Normal):
Age: 14-20
Gender: You can't be it or both
Country and place of origin and current place:
Appearance: Both hero and civilian I want at least a decent sized paragraph for both.
Personality: Only two emotionally scarred people, one can have both parent dead and be super emo to the max. Decent sized paragraph
History: Dun dun dun decent sized paragraph
Power: One power and I will tell you if it is guns. You can't be non-powered but not BatGod-esq characters. This isn't Morrison's JLA
Strengths: Well it expands on the power
Weakness: You have to have some. It could be like Alan Scott and a wood
Hobbies: Well ya

Anyway people have fun. PLEASE BE ACTIVE


Anyway have fun.

Oh right I don't take reserves but there

Any questions PM me cause you know stuff.