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    Hybrid RP signup(If you read the Pokemon Adventures manga, then this is between the Platinum and HG/SS chapters.)

    An RP where everyone is a hybrid: Half human, half-Pokemon. Experiments of Team Rocket's Cealdon lab, they were made as a symbol of Giovanni's power, meant to be raised to serve him. However, the scientists, including Blaine who re-joined the ranks, have forgotten the meaning if the words free will. Therefore, they are still free, and with the help of the oldest, will break out of thier special fluid-filled tanks-the type Mewtwo broke out of ten years ago.

    This is an RP that I started on another site. Therefore, most of this will be copied and pasted. However, this IS an ORP. I hope you enjoy this, the Hybrid RP.

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    Link to Origional Sign-up: Hybrid RP signup
    Link to Origional RP Thread: Hybrid RP
    Link to Current Sign-up Onsite: Hybrid RP

    RP: Commence!


    Marissa was standing in her fluid-filled column. She could see out, see the others. Pikachu, Elegyem, Volacorona, and Vulpix. Along with the world's only female Gallade, herself. She concentrated. There was someone coming, not another whitecoat. This person walked softly, as if they did not wish to be detected. She wished she could get this infernal oxygen mask off her face. The person was opening the door now. She sent her swords spiraling to all-time lengths, waiting for the jarring that told her that she had pierced the glass. She swept her hands up to her face, and the swords ripped through the Plexiglass cylinder with a veangence. Then she ripped off her mask, finally able to breathe without it. She stepped out of the column, retracting her swords as she went. The person... No, not a person. It was a Pokemon. THE Pokemon. Mewtwo stood before her, as if making sure she escaped. She barreled through the room, whacking the bottoms of the columns that were there. Four columns. She retracted her swords once more, willing the alarms to stop an instant after they started.
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    The hit from Marissa's swords had been enough to awake Valerie. Her eyes had slowly opened, revealing bright blue eyes. This was the third time she has ever become conscious, the other times from several years ago. She had unlocked her body from it's curled up state, and proceeded to touch the glass. It was cold and smooth, Valerie's eyes widened in amazement. She had never tried to touch it before. She turned her head and saw a strange looking girl with a Pokemon, along with a shattered tube. She stared at them longingly, still touching the glass. She wanted to stand by their side.

    OOC: Why did that feel overly dramatic? Anyway, sorry for being a little late. I had to do some stuff. Also, how am I a smarty pants? XD

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    Suzy had awoken from her sleep as well. She was incredibly disorientated she had a hard time getting her eyes to focus. When she finally adjusted her eyes she saw Marissa standing there with Mewtwo. She was deeply confused by everything she saw. She had never been awake once in her life and thus had a hard time comprehending where she was, how she got there, what was going on and who she was exactly. No, that last question wasn't true. She knew she was Suzy, but she didn't for the life of her know how she knew she was Suzy, she just did. The only other thing she knew at that moment is that she wanted to get out of that tube, badly. She whacked the acrylic glass to no avail. She realized that she wouldn't be able to break it so instead she opted to bang on the glass trying to get Mewtwo, Marissa or someone, anyone, else's help.
    Computer: There's an e-mail message! ... The 3 legendary bird POKéMON are ARTICUNO, ZAPDOS, and MOLTRES. Their whereabouts are unknown. We plan to explore the cavern close to CERULEAN.
    That couldn't have ended well.


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