We are in the post-apocalyptic world of Panem. Every year there were the Hunger Games once a year, to pacify the population after they rebelled. After the Third Quarter Quell there was a rebellion. It was put down. Katniss, Peeta, Plutarch. They were all put to death, in a different Hunger Games, where everyone was killed. Now the world has changed. The Hunger Games are a continuous event, running back to back. Out of this a second league has emerged, purely for the Capitol's entertainment. The Pro League.

The Gamemakers realised that twenty-four veterans of the Hunger Games made for far better entertainment than twenty-four children, six of them with a gross advantage above the rest. However, they quickly also realised that it was impossible to take twenty-four Veterans each year, due to the unsustainability. Now there are just six veterans per games, with an additional eighteen Professionals, people that have spent their whole adult life training for the Games, like the Careers. This is an event that happens once a year, with the traditional two tributes from each District. It is also traditional, although not manditory, for the tributes to be specialised in the arts that their District practices, for instance a District 11 tribute would be especially good with a Scythe and at gathering generally.

They also realised the celebrity culture that emerged from the Hunger Games, so in the Pro League new rules were applied. You don't have to kill your opponent. If they beg for mercy, the crowd gets to decide, by pressing a certain button on the remote. If they vote for the tribute to survive then the tribute is lifted back to the Capitol in shame to train for another games. This tactic is forbidden at the Cornucopia, and limited to twice each Games.

You play as a tribute in the Games, either a Veteran or a Professional. The aim is simle. Win the Hunger Games, by any means possible. Once the Cornucopia is over the RPing will go into PMs. I'm going to be strict on God-modding, you're going to have to say 'x went out scavenging' rather than 'x found some wild berries'. If you encounter another tribute you will fight in between each other, PMing all messages to your opponent and me. This is because of the secrecy of the Hunger Games, and if a tribute is shown to be in a bad state they'll become a target.

Otherwise normal BMG rules apply.

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