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Thread: Hero Factory - We Build Heroes ( new Heroes built every day - SUs always open)

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    Default Hero Factory - We Build Heroes ( new Heroes built every day - SUs always open)

    Hero factory Wiki

    Check it out if you don't have prior knowledge. Basically robots that have all the characeristics of humans including gender and romance and stuff. Heroes are like the police and they beat up baddies, somtimes Upgrading to a new version. All current heroes are 3.0, giving them an Animal power. (they get the appearance and powers of an animal.)

    SU sheet:

    Hero or Villian?:
    Color and Appearance: Those LEGO fans who post MoC pics shall be celebrated
    History: optional
    Animal power(hero only):
    Powers(villians only):
    Team/Gang: Heroes work on teams named after that one alphabet. You know, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omega, Pi. Alpha 1 team is taken by the canon characters, tho. Feel free to make Alpha 2 or something. Villians occasionally form gangs, but for them, this is optional.
    Strengths: What your character's good at.
    Weaknesses: What they're not good at.


    My SUS:

    Name: Robert "Bobby" Blast
    Gender: Male
    Hero or Villian?: Hero
    Color and Appearance: Yellow and black with a green hero core. Pics when I get Waspix. (Soon!)
    Personality: Boisterous, rowdy, cheerful. Bobby thinks the best defense is a good offense, and the best offense is explosives. Looooots of explosives.
    History: No time right now
    Animal power(hero only): Bumblebee
    Weaponry: Beesting Blade, Honeybomb Blaster
    Team/Gang: Nu 13 team. Bobby is Team leader.
    Strengths: Explosives, Attack, Speed, Jump, Reflex
    Weaknesses: Stealth, Defense, Intelligence, Precision, Stamina
    Other: Bobby's Honeybomb blaster can turn into a wing pack, giving him flight capabilities. He's incapable of using the laster in this mode.

    Name: Glamour
    Gender: Female
    Hero or Villian?: Villain
    Color and Appearance: Gold and blue armor (pics eventually)
    Personality: Vain and selfcentered, greedy
    History: No time
    Powers(villians only): All males fall head over heels in love with her as soon as they enter her presence, causing them to dote on her and obey her every order
    Weaponry: Attractive good looks
    Team/Gang: Leader of Glamour's mind-controlled minions
    Strengths: Intelligence
    Weaknesses: Attack, Defense, Speed, Explosives, Stamina, Jump
    Other: Always surrounded by minions. Female heroes are eliminated by her minions if they attack.

    Coming soon:
    Jenna Finesse
    Holly Graph
    Ethan Armada

    Here's the list I use to determine my character's strenghts and weaknesses -

    Precision (accuracy)
    Reflexes (includes dodging attacks)
    Explosives (how well your character handles thing that go boom)
    Stamina (how long your character can keep on keepin' on)
    Jump (how high your haracter jumps, including flight/gliding)

    Mind Control- MC is initiated like any other attack, and can be dodged like other attacks, but some forms of it (like Glamour's) are unavoidable, but only affect certain character types. The best way to avoid those are to only use immune characters against that villian. (Heroes don't use MC tech). If you're MCed, you have 2 options: Continue playing as that character, but with switched alleigance until someone frees you. Your personality may be altered in multiple ways by MC, from becoming a completely emotionless drone to keeping your original personality but being compelled to obey every order given to you by your master. It can be refreshing to see your character recast with a new allegiance and new personality. Or not. You can also just hand control of that character to his/her master's player. Remember, this is all temporary, so the best way to get your old character back is to defeat the mind controlling menace!


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