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    Okay, here it is.

    Name: Kaleb Sanders
    Age: 17

    Gender: male

    Appearance: Kaleb has very rounded facial features. He has dark brown hair which is very shaggy and light green eyes. He stands about 6'1" and weight around 185 pounds. He wears a black button down (unbuttoned) shirt over a white undershirt with khaki cargo pants and brown hiking boots. He wears a silver chain bracelet on his left forearm.

    History: Born and raised in Canalave city, Kaleb was the son of a miner. Being the son of a miner Kaleb grew up around numerous rock type Pokemon. Kaleb had always had dreams of becoming a Pokemon trainer but he wasn't the biggest fan of rock types. One day he was at the mine and was approached by a worker there. The worker asked if he wanted a Pokemon and he said yes. He took the pokeball expecting a geodude. Instead he got a shieldon.... He returned home disheartened to meet his friends. One of his friends expressed interest in his newly obtained shieldon. He offered a trade and received a shellder. He left on his journey at the age of 12. He conquered the Sinnoh region in no time and left to see the rest of the world. He finished his journey about a month before his sixteenth birthday. He applied for the gym leader exam in Sinnoh, but there were no openings. He saw the tournament as an opportunity to become a gym leader.

    Personality: An extremely caring person, he will help anyone. He has a high value of pride and manhood. He believes if one does not come to someone's aid as quick as a flash then they cannot be considered a man. He calls anyone with this characteristic a man regardless of gender which leads to some awkward situations. He doesn't tend to back down from challenges as he sees them as a chance to prove his worth to others.

    Pokemon type: ice

    Pokemon team:

    Cloyster: the Pokemon he got in a trade from a child hood friend. Cloyster has been his main battling partner since he started his journey. He is Kaleb's defensive tanker. Cloyster can take heavy hits with ease.
    Ability: skill link
    Moves: icicle spear, razor shell, withdraw, and icicle crash

    Cryogonal: Kaleb's fastest Pokemon. It can outrun most of its foes and deal fair amounts of damage due to its special attack. Is countered easily by any physical Pokemon.
    Ability: levitate
    Moves: ice beam, reflect, recover, flash cannon

    Shiny Piloswine: Kaleb captured her as a shiny Swinub in Johto. He instantly decided to keep her on his team. She is Kaleb's physical threat. She is able to handle threats that Cryogonal is unable to.
    Ability: snow cloak
    Moves: hail, ice shard, earthquake, amnesia

    Glailie: captured as a snorunt in hoenn. Glailie is used to mix up the opponent. Glailie has several types of moves.
    Ability: inner focus
    Moves: shadow ball, protect, frost breath, hidden power grass
    White fc:5329-4937-9502

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    Default Re: The Gym Leader Tales

    Accepted, just slot right in I guess.

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    Default Re: The Gym Leader Tales

    Name: Brianna (Anna) Carou

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Anna has brownish-red hair, sea green eyes, and fair skin. She usually wears a green dress and a white jacket layered on top. She is around 5 foot 8 inches, and weighs 170 pounds- there's a lot of running in her gym.

    History: Anna originally was going to be a top coordinator when an announcement for a needed Flying Gym. She was raised in Castelia City, but born in Opelucid City.

    Personality: Anna has cared for her Pokemon ever since she became a trainer as a 10-year-old. When she turned 15, she started to run the gym, gaining her Pokemon's trust once again. She is usually a calm person, but when offended, she gets very feisty. She tends to be a nurturer, and acts as a mother to her Pokemon in general.

    Pokemon Type: Flying

    Pokemon Team:



    Known moves are Aerial Ace, Roost, Fly, and Pluck

    Ability is Rivalry



    Knows the moves Surf, Fly, BubbleBeam, and Aqua Ring

    Ability is Hydration



    Known moves are Electro Ball, Acrobatics, Aerial Ace, andThunderbolt

    Ability is Motor Drive
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