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    Default Re: Gym Leader Activation - Start!!

    "Mother, I'm off to the shops" shouted Marina as she walked out of her home. Wearing a stripy top with red chinos and a brown belt, she teamed it with brown brogues. She decided to make lunch for her mom as she was stressed on designing the new collection for her label, so she thought it was the least she could do. In her arms, she held Topaz, her Staryu.

    "Ok Staryu, let's get some things to make lunch" she smiled as she walked into the shop and decided what ingredients to buy for lunch.

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    Default Re: Gym Leader Activation - Start!!

    Jakku sat down, halfway up the lighthouse.
    He was panting heavily, and Cheep was also tired.
    She looked up at him glumly.
    Jakku turned as a shadow fell over him.

    Volkner watched Jakku quietly.
    You were late awake again Jakku.
    Fourth time this week.

    "Yeah, I know, but-"
    Jakku began to apologise

    Jakku, we are going to have a battle.
    I'm concerned about how little you are improving under my tutorship.

    Volkner said adamantly.
    Jakku and Cheep sighed.
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    Default Re: Gym Leader Activation - Start!!

    @GoldenrodGirl @Pokemad @~Mokona~ @Oblivion @Chris†mas Qüeen @JakkuEbansu @GroundTrainer @Troll'dodile

    In Team Rocket's new base, furious, huffy breathing could be heard along with impatient footsteps.

    "Would you sit down for a moment? I'm trying to concentrate, Proton." An irritated female's voice snapped. Her fingers clutched on several papers, leaving fingernail marks.

    "Those bastards didn't send a report yet!! I told them to make sure to get everything done in 24 hours! What's taking so long?" He raged.

    "Calm down. Maybe the Weather Institute was packed with people and they're trying to find the right time to strike." Petrel chuckled somewhere.

    "They had better not let me down!"

    "You know what? Just shut up and leave my office if you're going to complain!" The woman yelled. No need to tell him twice - Proton glared at her before leaving, slamming the door shut. She massaged her temple before reading her papers. Archer had left HQ for a while and left her in charge. Just after they had a meeting, Proton had to pace around her office, gritting his teeth and whining. Pfft. Some "wrathful" executive he was.

    "You didn't have to treat him so harshly, Ariana. he's just worried." Petrel said. Judging by the subtle giggle in his voice, he was obviously amused. Ariana didn't like what he said.

    "Who cares." Sighing, she picked up her pen and scribbled her signature on the papers before handing it to Petrel.

    "Are you sure this will work?"

    "Of course. The market is where money rolls, and Slateport is a large harbor with many tourists. We'll be able to get more than enough." Confident, huh? Ariana raised her eyebrow in doubt, but then pushed her suspicions away. Petrel was cunning, and he'd probably succeed - better than raging Proton.

    "Very well. Send your troops to Slateport and disguise them as merchants. But make sure your fake items look genuine enough. If you run out of supplies, contact me and I'll get Archer to help you out."

    "That would be great. Though... what are you going to do, Ariana?" Petrel eyed her carefully.

    Ariana blinked before changing her expression to a smirk.

    "Let's see..."

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