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Thread: Gilroyal Academy for Aspiring Gym Leaders-Sign Ups Closed

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    Default Re: Gilroyal Academy for Aspiring Gym Leaders

    Name: Pamela Hughes

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Standing at 6 ft exactly and at a decent weight, Pamela with her slender long legs is considered to be tall compared to the average height of women her age. She has steel blue eyes which match her reddish blonde hair and her somewhat long lashes. Her reddish blonde hair is long and wavy and covers a part of her right eye as it is parted towards the right. Pamela likes to wear different types of clothes to suit her tallish slender figure but to keep in mind she doesn't look frail nor awkward with her height. Her figure shows that she also has a moderate bust size and with regards to accessories, Pamela has sunglasses (designer), simple studs and a bracelet on her left wrist.

    History: Youngest of three kids (both male) in an average family with an average household. Pamela had shown glimpses of a very technical battling style and that was well watched and studied by a few guys in an alley bar at Castelia City and they just did nothing. Eventually Pamela applied for the academy and it worked a treat. Her father works at marketing department with Casteliacone and her mother works at one of the streets there. Her brothers are aiming to be sailors for some odd reason.

    Type: Dark

    Pokemon: 1 - Species - Honchkrow
    - Nickname - Hush
    - Gender - Male
    - Ability - Super Luck
    - Moveset - Dark Pulse, Wing Attack, Foul Play, Night Shade, Confuse Ray, Sucker Punch

    2 - Species - Houndoom
    - Nickname - Atrocitus
    - Gender - Male
    - Ability - Flash Fire
    - Moveset - Crunch, Flamethrower, Thunder Fang, Odor Sleuth, Inferno, Foul Play

    3 - Species - Sharpedo
    - Nickname - Arkillo
    - Gender - Male
    - Ability - Rough Skin
    - Moveset - Crunch, Ice Fang, Slash, Taunt, Aqua Jet, Agility

    Other: Pamela is average.
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    Default Re: Gilroyal Academy for Aspiring Gym Leaders-Sign Ups Closed

    Name: Jonny Walker
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: As an outdoorsman who regularly spars with his Pokemon as training for both, Jonny sports a tanned and impressive figure. Standing at over six feet tall, he is tanned and without an ounce of fat on his lean, musuclar frame. His vibrant light blue eyes are filled with life and his medium length beach blond hair is a bit messy and blows in the wind. He dresses in a variety of fashions, but prefers the relaxed look of a pair of trusty faded blue jeans and a comfortable t-shirt

    History: It will come out
    Type: Fighting

    Skywalker (Lucario, male, Inner Focus)

    Close Combat
    Dragon Punch
    Ice Punch

    Creed (Hitmonchan, male, Iron Fist)

    Drain Punch
    Close Combat
    Mach Punch
    Ice Punch
    Thunder Punch
    Fire Punch

    Chance (Infernape, male, Iron Fist)

    Flare Blitz
    Close Combat
    Blast Burn
    Stone Edge
    Thunder Punch

    Other: No. You know nothing John Snow
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