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Long, long ago they say there were worlds before the world we live in now. It is rumored that those worlds were completely wiped out, right in front of the god's eyes. It is also said that the gods could not do a thing and helplessly watched all their perfect creations be destroyed ruthlessly. The world said to be directly before this world is supposedly the beginning of it all--the beginning of the terrors that claim this current world right now.
The gods were devastated over their first world being destroyed--the humans had achieved so much, and the planet had survived for more than one billion years. Suddenly, when the gods had returned to look down onto Earth, they saw their precious planet dead--not a single living organism in sight. Quicker than the bat of an eye, they demolished that planet and created another one. This world was planned to be absolutely flawless--and it was, at first.
Every human being was unbelievably perfect and lived in a perfect world with no worries, sicknesses, problems, nothing. It was then that the gods noticed their grave mistake. Dotted all across the vast planet were highly distorted areas that contained massive amounts of nuclear radiation, something no human could ever stand. They instantly made another world, quite similar to a mirror. This world was the opposite of the human world, but it watched over and somewhat protected it. The gods then quickly warned the humans not to go near these distortion spots, but the humans disobeyed them and marched off to settle in these areas.
At first, nothing was wrong. The humans were highly attracted to the warped land, as it was extremely close to magic--the one thing every human desired. When the female settlers began giving birth to more humans, the settlers realized their mistake.
These new children were a completely different species of humans. They could control, or Tame, the Elements, meaning they were of a magical species. The settlers were horrified, and they fled the area back to the mainland, leaving the children where they thought they belonged. They did not realized that they carried the immense radiation with them, which slowly turned them insane and slowly transformed them into the same kind of human as their offspring.
After growing used to their powers, they entered the mirror world, which they named the Azure World because of its blue tint. They discovered the spirit of the deepest part of the world and murdered her after learning that she controlled the distortion areas to some point. The new humans then yearned to take over the world, and they did, rather quickly. They were left with only one decision, a decision that was greatly affected by their insane minds--life or death.
The transformed humans chose death, and death did indeed pour over the land like a terrible hurricane. They were killed as well by their decision, and the gods were horrified--their creation was once again destroyed. The gods rethought over what their next world was to be like. They created it, giving it an equal balance of good and evil by keeping the Azure World with it and adding another world--Divusalix.
Divusalix was a world created by the insane humans of the previous world, which, therefore, made the world seem like a place very similar to Wonderland. It fed on the thoughts and ideas of those who entered it and completely morphs the entire world itself into a place matching the person's exact thoughts.
The gods soon saw that not all the insane magical humans had died in the previous world when many magical beings were being born yet again. They completely outnumbered the original human civilization, but the gods relaxed when they saw that they were not necessarily born killers.
The pressure of these magical humans enraged the new spirit of the Azure World, and drove her insane. She broke the promise she had with the gods and marched over into the human world and wiped out an entire country, announcing that the new species must be destroyed. The gods then placed a Gate between the two worlds, a Gate that not even the spirit could pass through. They told both the humans and the spirit that for the Gate to open, every single one of the worlds' strongest magical humans must be gathered there with each of their Keys. They soon realized, with horror, that their prophecy was completely correct, and those terrifyingly strong ones mentioned in their prophecy were being born. They saw they could do nothing about it, and watched as the children grew of age and began to form a fate that not even the gods could predict...A fate that would change the world forever.

Welcome to the planet of Pandora! Pandora is ruled by the King, named Andrealis. He has divided the planet up into several countries where one Princess is placed to guard over the land. You are one of the children in the prophecy, and you have come of age and are starting to be able to use your powers correctly. Your parents are from the second world, but you are either a spirit reborn from the first world, a survivor from the second world, or a native in the third world. Only you can choose your side, and only you can choose the path you take. It's all up to you from now on...So make wise choices, Chosen One.



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