Real name pending. Anyway, basic plot is as follows (minor spoilers abound):

Name: Obvious
Age: Again, obvious
Gender: Because it's important.
Automail: Not needed if you don't have any, but put where it is, what it is (if it isn't just a normal limb), and why you have it.
Alchemy: You have choices here, if you want to be an Alchemist. You can be a Xingese advance soldier who's made it to the East, with May's style of Alkahestry, an ex Executioner with Scar's Deconstructor and Reconstructor arms, or just a 'normal' Alchemist. If you're a normal Alchemist, list any circles you have on you/your clothes (as in what they do).
Weapons:If you aren't an Alchemist, this is where you'll probably be the heaviest (though Alchemists can have sidearms). Be creative, but some guidelines; Xingese stuff (like Ling's sword style, specialized grenades) should mostly stay with non-Alchemist Xingese advance troops, though you can have picked some stuff up. Weapons are post WWII to a little behind what we have now.
Appearance: Because we want to know what you look like.
Backstory: Why are you in the East right now? Are you an ex-soldier who is helping with the resistance, or just a civilian caught up? Are you fighting or helping the wounded/building defenses/etc.? If you're related to any of the main characters, say it here (in this, Alphonse and May got together, Ed and Winry obvioulsy, and Roy and Riza. Any other questions, just ask).
Other: I'm sure I missed something. Put it here if you think of anything else.

My character:

Name: Unkown; goes by Dillon
Age: Unknown; approx. 21-23
Gender: Unknown Male
Automail: His left hand. Not arm, just half of his forearm and hand. It's a normal hand, similar to Edward's arm.
Alchemy: None.
Weapons: He has two black-bladed sabers, and dual wields them with a black-bladed combat knife (i.e., one saber in his right hand and a knife in his left). Both the sabers and knifes are much sharper than they appear when Dillon uses them; it is unknown why. Proficient with small arms, though he rarely uses them.
Appearance: Tall, dark-haired, and -eyed, and pale. Has taken a liking to darker clothing.
Personality: He is very respectful outside of combat, but callous and violent when fighting. He also shows minor symptoms of dissociative personality disorder; he will, at best, vaguely recall what he does during fights. Prefers stealth in combat.
Backstory: Found in a burnt down field in the East with no memory or left hand; it looked like it had been burnt off. When he woke up, he showed no Alchemical abilities. He was proficient in close combat, though, and quickly obtained a sword and knife to defend himself with. When the war came, he fought to help the people who helped him; along the way, he obtained his current weapons.