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Thread: Equis Academy [X-Men RP] (Teacher Signups Open!)

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    Default Re: Equis Academy [X-Men RP] (Signups Open!)

    (an additional student I made. to help add some people.)

    Age 15:
    Name: Zane Kass
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight

    Major Superpower (please give a discription if possible): semi-lycanthropy, can turn into a wolf like humanoid.
    Minor Superpower (a shorter discription than above): slow regen abilities (kind of like wolverines, but much much slower so he isn’t invulnerable.)
    Weaknesses: very difficult to control when in lycan form. ranges from losses all control, to howling at the moon, to acting like a real dog/wolf.

    Personality (Please give at least a paragraph): Zane is a very “far out” kind of guy. He seems very distant from the real world most of the time like he’s lost in some other reality. He also has a deep fascination in magic due to his supernatural seeming power.

    Appearance (Another paragraph): Zane has a very odd head of hair it fades from brown to gray in spots and looks somewhat like wolves fur, but in a normal semi-messy hairstyle. He has deep set dark gray eyes and a sharp face. He is very lean and occasionally his ribs can be seen. Most of this is due to his power. He wears jeans, long sleeve shirts, and jackets in mostly plain darker colors (gray, black, brown.). He is about 5’9” and only 100lbs.

    In his wolf form Zane grows to 6’3” and gains about thirty pounds. His head becomes one entirely of a wolf, but his body is more human. His torso remains mostly the same, but covered in the shaggy wolf fur. His arms gain muscle and his hands lose a the pinky fingers and grow claws. His ankles raise off the ground as his feet become more like paws.

    History (Please give a paragraph or two, but is not required if it goes along with your superhuman): Zane didn’t even realize he was a mutant for the longest time. Mostly because no one was around to tell him. When he was about eight his power somehow activated turning him into a weird wolf-like creature. In this form he ran off thinking like a wild animal becoming one. When he was in human form he had no idea what happened or where he was. Somehow he had traveled far north to a very small Amish town. He had absolutely no idea what he should do next, so he tried to get some help from the locals. They decided to let him stay for a short while, but that time was cut even shorter. Zane transformed at a random point during one of the following days and was instantly confused for a werewolf. The Amish people were somewhat right, but when the government got word of it they knew this was a mutant. Zane was already on the run and eventually made it to Equis academy last year.

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    Default Re: Equis Academy [X-Men RP] (Teacher Signups Open!)

    Accepted, I know you've already read the rules.

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