In the cold region of Yorland lives a retively powerful empire. The previous ruler did nothing to prevent poverty and not only that he banned ownship of Pokemon to prevent rebellion. One half of the federal budget went to military use although Yorland is not at war. His son Emperor Idek was more forgiving creating poverty relief programs and lifting the ban on ownship. However the goverment still barely taxes the richest citizens. Over half the money he cut from the military went directly to building stadiums for a Pokemon league and offering huge prizes for victory. As of now he has given all citizens an Eevee, an everstone and 20 ultra balls. Most people agree Idek policy changes come from his love of pokemon tournaments rather than being goodwilled.


You play as a peasant who just received his package from Idek in the largest city Ife which is not the capital. The tournaments do not require badges to enter but rather a series of smaller tournaments leading up to the grand cup which will have different starting times which will be announced in game. Since the region is so icy removal of the everstone will cause the Eevee to evolve into a Glaceon after minimal training there is 50% chance it will evolve in to a Leafeon while in a thick forest. Levels do not exist in this world so they must not be spoken of in character but they are to be fallowed with some leeway. Moves can be learned SLIGHTLY out of order. Egg moves, event moves and TM can be taught. The Eevees you received can be assumed to be level 10. Gen V movesets will be used. I will decide which pokemon appear in the region keeping in mind that it is cold.


No bunnying
No OOC rudeness
I am GM so understand that.
All BMGF RP rules apply
All BMGF General rules apply.

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