After centuries of plotting to destroy earth, evil aliens have begun to wage war on a new front, the world of dreams! One thing the intergalactic fiends did not count on however, is that imagination is not so simple to control and this minor oversight has now given the human race a fighting chance! Average people from places such as Eagleland and Winters are almost helpless against the alien mental attacks but a gifted few have an ancient power hidden deep within them, the power once known as PSI. It is up to these special individuals to awaken their true strength and to defeat the invaders! Or to go hide under some covers and hope that the bad aliens go away on their own.

There is a lot of freedom in this RP but first a few ground rules:
Your characters appearence in the dream world can be almost anything, whether that be animal, inanimate object or other form. (pending sign up approval)
When sleeping, player characters may freely create and control people, places and events with the one restriction being that if another player might be affected by something, then that person must recognize and react in their own way. (My actions do not affect your character unless you allow them to)
You may choose to purposefully ignore another players dream creation if it would be helpful for some reason. There is also the option to combine or change other characters creations to a certain extent. (just remember that players cannot directly control each others character though)

After the RP starts, the heros will gain the ability to communicate with one another regardless of distance through use of a psychic link.

Sign up sheet:
Age: (1 - 100)
Dream World appearence:
Favorite thing:
Most disliked thing:
Characters favorite style of music:

(the last 3 items may have an effect on what happens in the Dream world)