Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute (SIGN-UPS REOPENED)
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Thread: Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute (SIGN-UPS REOPENED)

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    Default Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute (SIGN-UPS REOPENED)



    Before you start posting your sign-up blindly, I will have you know that this RP is going to play differently from most RPs on this site. While it can be a chore, you MUST read this post in order to properly understand how this RP is going to work. Otherwise, the RP will fail.



    Why hello there. This is the start of an RP that, I think, hasn't been done too much on this site. In fact, I spent most of my night brainstorming how this monstrosity will work. Anyway, this is kind of inspired by a Role Play I played a LONG time ago on another site, where there was one Game Master and we attacked enemies with the use of a random number generator. What I'm doing here is creating an RP for SIX people, using a similar system of picking random numbers to make a more game-oriented role play.

    As you may have read in the warning, this game will, unfortunately, require a lot of rules to follow. Hopefully, most of this information will be clear to you, and that we can create a stable, and fun RP to play in. I ask all of you to at least give this a try, so that I can know what might work for everyone in the future.



    Welcome to the world of Monstrolith, a world inhabited by Pokemon, and only Pokemon. Just like the Pokemon World everyone knows, it is filled with its culture, creatures, and legends. Unlike the Pokemon we know, it takes place in a primitive time period.

    This tale is focused on the Kingdom of Dragonia, ruled by the good Charizard King Lizardon V. While most kings are heavily focused on having power over the people and separating the classes, King Lizardon is solely concerned with the well-being of his subjects, and listens to everyone's input, even if it came from a lowly Magikarp. Under his rule, the kingdom should have been at peace. However, this isn't the case.

    Recently, Pokemon from all over the world have begun to go "uncivilized". They swarm the wild and attack any passerby they seek, and they don't even listen to anyone's reasoning. To make matters worse, a duo of wicked Ghost-type pokemon, a Gengar named Lucifer and a Mismagius named Lilith, have unleashed an army of ghosts to terrorize the kingdom and its neighbors. King Lizardon was forced to war against these threats, but found that in the process of supporting a strong militia, he was disregarding the needs of his people. Finally, he could no longer take it, and called for the formation of six young pokemon to be drafted in a special military group known as Arceus' Light, to defend their kingdom and serve their king.

    You are one of those drafted Pokemon. Your mission is to serve the king and perform anything that he asks you to do. In the process, you hope to discover the cause of this outbreak of "Wild Pokemon", and even save the kingdom of Dragonia.




    First and foremost, I WILL NOT have a specific character in this roleplay. Instead, I will simply play the role of the GM as they are often depicted.
    > I control the actions and dialogue of NPCs
    > I instruct where the players will go, and whether encounters (read further) will be triggered
    > Essentially, while the players have the same responsibility, I am the one that helps with the progression of the storyline. Of course, since this is a Role Play, the player's actions will also have some control over the progression of this storyline as well.

    Now that is established...

    Battle Mode:

    Any time outside of this mode is considered an "intermission." The players are essentially welcome to do what they want, including talking amongst themselves or NPCs and developing their character. On occasion, however, I will call for an encounter wherever I see fit. This system is essentially what makes this RP unlike others on the site, so it is important that you read further.

    Basic Layout of a Battle Mode Post:

    Pidgey A
    HP: 4
    Hold Item: None
    EXP Yield: 2
    Poke Yield: 5

    Choose a number between 1 and 20
    This example displays:

    Image - Image of the Pokemon you are battling

    Name + Lettter - The name of the pokemon and the letter beside the pokemon's name. The letters are important for identifying particular pokemon when there is more of one species of pokemon that you are battling. For example, you are fighting two Zubat: Zubat A and Zubat B. You want to attack Zubat A, so you would specify that you launched your attack at Zubat A. Also, unless your move attacks multiple enemies, you cannot attack more than one enemy at a time.

    HP - the number of Hit Points (HP) the enemy has. If your attack is ineffective to the pokemon's type (as if you are using a thunderbolt on a grass type) the damage taken is 1/2 a point, and no points if the attack misses or the enemy resists your type of move. When this number reaches 0, obviously, the enemy faints.

    Hold Item - the item that the enemy is holding. If its a healing item, they have a chance to use it in battle. With moves like Theif or Trick, you can swap or steal these held items, and if these items are not used by the enemy, then they will be part of the reward for defeating the enemy by the end of the battle.

    EXP Yield - This value determines the experience points you will receive for defeating the enemy pokemon. By the end of the battle, this number is added with the yield of the other pokemon in battle, if there are any, and the entire party will be rewarded with that amount of EXP. Read further to learn more about EXP and leveling up.

    Poke Yield - This value determines what Poke, the currency of this world, will be recieved for defeating the enemy. Just like EXP, it's added up in the results.

    Player Commands:
    After the encounter post is made, the player responds by using an attack as defined in his/her sign-up. This is the preferred format for an "attack" post:

    Current HP: (number)
    Held Item: (item)
    Level: (number)
    EXP: (number)/(number)
    Status: (status condition)
    My Number Guess: (number)

    (Description of your attack to the enemy)
    As you can see, some of the information here is similar to the information of the enemies:

    HP - Your current hit points

    Held Item - Item you are holding. This item is taken from the party's inventory (read on). Just like enemies, you can use them as you please, either to yourself or to another party member. Keep in mind, however, that you are not going to make an attack once you do this (as in a turn skip), but don't worry, if an enemy uses its item, it can't attack either.

    Level - Your current level. This is done for simply keeping track of your current level.

    EXP - Again for keeping track of your experience points. The number on the left is the number of points you currently have, out of the required number of points to level up on the right. Once this number is filled (as in a 5/5, or 10/10) will will be awarded with a Level up. Note for every level up, the amount of EXP points will be ADDED by 5. In example, if you are level 5, and you gain 6 EXP, and it reaches 5/5, will will level up to 6, and then you your current EXP stat is 1/10. Just utilize basic math here, and you'll do alright.

    Status - this part is optional if you are not inflicted with a status ailment, but required if you are. All status ailments will clear after you win the battle. The status ailments in this game as well as their effects are listed below:

    • Poisoned -For every 3 turns, the player loses 1 point of HP.
    • Paralyzed -A secondary magic number choice (read about magic numbers further on) between 1 and 3 will be used to determine whether you attack or not. If the guessed number is 3, then the attack is successful. If not, then your turn is skipped. This only applies if you plan on making an attack. If using an item, then the extra magic number is not needed.
    • Sleep -The player will be unable to attack or use items for five turns.
    • Burned -Same as poison
    • Frozen -The player will be unable to attack or use items until the battle ends or if another player uses an item to defrost that player.

    My Number Guess - A guess of what the "magic number" is during a battle. The magic number is a crucial aspect to how this RP will work. In battle, it determines whether your attack will land, hit critical, or miss entirely. It gives a randomness to the game. For more info on this, please refer to the "Magic Number" section of this post.

    Description - Since this is a forum roleplay, describing what attack you are using should be more of a given. You can show off your awesome writing abilities here, or make a simple one-liner such as "Joey used a Tackle on Rattata A", I don't care that much. The only thing that is required with this is that you SPECIFY YOUR ATTACK and WHO YOU ARE ATTACKING. If you are using an item you would specify WHAT ITEM YOU ARE USING and WHO YOU ARE GIVING IT TO, either yourself or another player's character.

    The Magic Number System:
    The magic number system is an integral part to making the battles in this RP work. It gives an aspect of chance, which can allow for an exciting, fun playthrough as oppose to typically depending on other players to determine whether you will defeat opponents or not.

    In battle mode, when initiating an attack, the player is required to post a guess of what the "magic number" is between numbers 1 and 20. As the game master, I will also be making a guess of the random number for each enemy attack, and with the help of a nifty site called RANDOMN.ORG, I will determine the correct number using that generator. That way, I will prevent myself from cheating my own game. :)

    Now here are the specifics:
    • If the number you have chosen is 2, but no more than 5 spaces away from the correct number. The attack is a hit, and will take away 1 point of damage, or simply use the move is not an attack-move.
    • If the number chosen is correct or directly next to the magic number, this counts as a critical hit, and will subtract double the points off of the foe's health. This does not apply to non-attack moves, and they will still land regardless.
    • Beyond the five space limit, the attack is considered a miss. the opponent will evade non-attack moves and take no damage.

    Here is an example:

    Sometimes, a separate magic number is needed for statuses such as paralyzed, where your attack will happen randomly. Specifically for that status, your random number choice will be 1-3. You will have to get it precisely right in order to complete your attack.

    The movesets in this RP is based on that of the actual games and anime, and work in a similar fashion. All moves, except those that are specified, do only 1 damage. Even moves like Dragon Rage or Thunder will not dish out heavy amounts of damage. Of course, there will be exceptions.

    For moves that have a high critical hit ratio, such as Night Slash, the chances of landing a critical hit number increases by 1 new space. That is, if you select 13 while the correct magic number is 15, while if you were using a regular move it would land as a regular hit, if you were using a high-crit move it would land, as 13 is two paces away from 15.

    For moves that do damage while inflicting status ailments, you are using the secondary magic number system (the one between 1-3) to insure whether a status is inflicted. So in your post, simply add another number between 1-3 to have a chance of inflicting a status problem

    Any moves that are capable of healing, such as softboiled or Recover, will heal only 2 points of health. The only healing moves that will heal full health are Rest and Wish. Wish is a two-turn move, and Rest inflicts a Sleep status. Also, unlike the games, you can use these moves on other party members the same way as items.

    Once a party member reaches the required level to evolve, depending on their species, they change their form, and there attack power goes up 1 point. This way, the use of moves and evolutions will be worth it, as now, any move will be worth 2 points in attack.

    For example, a tackle attack as a first staged Pidgey will only do 1 damage, but as a Pidgeotto, a tackle would do 2 points of damage.

    Respectively, if you have a third evolution, your attack power will become 2, and your attacks will do three times damage.

    Please note that if you are a pokemon that evolves via happiness, you need an item to evolve, as listed in the "Inventory" section.

    If you are playing as a Tyrogue, I'm going to create "training situations" in particular Towns where you can evolve into either Hitmonlee (attack higher than defense), Hitmonchan (atk lower than def), or Hitmontop (atk = def) depending on how you choose to train. You will be awarded points depending on the area you train in: Attack or Defense. The number of those awarded points will determine what you evolve into at level 20.

    For pokemon that evolve through trading, you will evolve in 10 levels from your current level. For instance, Abra evolves into Kadabra at level 16. Your evolution to Alakazam would be at level 26.

    Oh, and keep in mind that in battle mode, if you are battling an enemy that is a first or second evo, than expect them to follow this rule in terms of how much damage they dish out.

    Also, remember when I said critical hits double the damage of a normal attack? 2 * 1 is 2, where 1 is the normal attack, but when your attack as an evo is 2, than 2 * 2 is 4, and 2 * 3 is 6. The higher the evolution stage, the higher the critical hits!

    If you think a battle is becoming to overwhelming, you can call for a run-away vote to flee any encounter-based battle you run into.

    When a person calls for a run-away vote, every member of the party must either agree or disagree with that vote. If there are more agrees than disagrees, than the party will "flee" the battle, ending it.

    There is a penalty to this, however. Every run-away will subtract 10 Poke from your inventory.

    Suspension Mode:
    This is a solution to players who can't be active enough to make posts in this RP. Suspension Mode is where the player enters a state of "suspension" where they do not participate in battles or pretty much anything, thus allowing other players to continue.

    To call for a suspension mode for your character, you can contact me via OOC or any other way and I'll put you in that mode. Note that you will be unable to level up or obtain/use any items while in this mode, but don't worry, I will make accommodations for you once you get back in the game.

    If everyone in the party has fainted, or none of them are able to battle (i.e. there is one member stuck in the frozen state while the rest are fainted) then the battle will be considered a "defeat".

    Fortunately, no one will die in this RP, instead, I will create circumstances where you are transported to the last Town you arrived to. Unfortunately, there is a death penalty: You will lose all items and possibly money that was stored in your inventory (see the Items section coming up for more info). The leniency comes where any item that you are currently holding will not be lost.

    Good battle posts:

    Bad battle posts:


    Another important aspect in this RP will be item management. To start off, the team will have a SINGLE inventory bag, that will hold up to 20 items, and a max of 99,999 Poke. This inventory bag will be visible and changing at the first post of the start-up thread.

    Players have the option of withdrawing or depositing items during the "intermission" period. In a separate field in their post, they must state what item they are taking out of the inventory.

    Here is an example:

    Kevin Took a Oran Berry from the Inventory to hold
    The thing to keep in mind is that I am not regulating what items you are taking out. The only rule I have is that you can only take 1 item to hold along your journey. If you want a different item, you must specify that you are putting your current item back in the inventory and exchange it.

    Now you might ask...

    How do we fill our inventory?
    In some battles, the enemy pokemon will be holding an item. This item is "dropped" when the enemy party is defeated, and that item will be added to the inventory.

    Outside of battle, when describing the party's current location, I may also describe about a place where members can "scavenge" for items, like a dead man's pockets or a chest. If a player specifies that they are searching in this particular spot, my next post will reward them with an item to add to their inventory.

    Also, there may be some "key items" that have an unlimited amount in the inventory. Those tend to be found as the story progresses.

    Just what kind of items are there?
    This is my official list. It may change when needed:

    • Oran Berry - Restores 2 point of HP
    • Sitrus Berry - Restores All HP
    • Peacha Berry - Cures Poisoning
    • Cheri Berry - Cures Paralysis
    • Rawst Berry - Heals Burn
    • Aspear Berry - Defrosts frozen party members
    • Chesto Berry - Cures Sleep
    • Lum Berry - Cures any status ailment
    • Revive - Revives a party member at half HP
    • Max Revive - Revives a party member at full HP
    • HP Cookie - Raises the maximum amount of HP a party member can have. I.E. the starting Max HP is 10, it will go up to 11 with an HP Cookie.
    • Rare Candy - Raises the level of a party member by 1. Also sets your EXP to 0/(whatever number depending on your level).
    • TM - TMs will contain moves that certain party members can learn in place of or adding on to the current moves that party member knows. If you wish to use a TM, and you already know four moves, simply specify which move you are replacing with the new move.
    • Sweet Cupcake - An item that helps pokemon who evolve via happiness to evolve. It is considered a delicacy in some places.
    • Frozen Rock - A rock to evolve Eevee into Glaceon.
    • Mossy Rock - A rock to evolve Eevee into Leafeon.
    • Coronet Rock - A rock to evolve Nosepass or Magneton into Probopass and Magnezone.
    • Fire Stone - Evoles a pokemon that needs this stone to evolve.
    • Thunder Stone - above
    • Leaf Stone - above
    • Water Stone - above
    • Dawn Stone - above
    • Shiny Stone - you get it already...
    • Dusk Stone - same as above
    • Razor Claw - for evolving Sneasel. Level up holding this item and the evolution will take place.

    Throughout your trek, you will encounter towns to visit. Every town upon entry heals your party completely, and you may have the chance to purchase new items to be added to the inventory from shops that will be specified for each town.

    To purchase items, simply specify that your character is going to the shop and say what you are going to purchase with the Poke you have in the inventory.

    While towns are usually "resting points" in this RP, don't be surprised if an encounter is triggered due to some event. :)

    Whew... Glad I got this out, now lets get to some general rules.



    1. You are only allowed to be 1 character - This is mainly for people who like to RP with twins or more than one character. Sorry, but having more than the specified amount I'm taking would just be way too much of a hassle.
    2. The pokemon you choose as your character must be at the first stage of its evolution - No, Pikachu, Chansey, and Magmar are NOT first-stage! I want the level-ups to be worth it, here. Also, you must choose a pokemon that is capable of evolving, no novelties.
    3. No Legendaries or Fakemon - They are obscure in the Pokemon world and are obscure in this one. They're only purpose is to serve as Boss Fights in this RP. As for the Fakemon, how can I determine evolution patterns, abilities, and movesets with these? So you can't choose that either.
    4. Expect minor character control by the GM - Because of the nature of this RP, in describing enemy attacks I might beat up your character silly, without giving you a chance to block or dodge it like in a regular RP. That's about it, though, so I generally don't except anyone to do the same thing.
    5. You cannot choose Gen 5 pokemon - We have no information currently to determine their moveset, evolution patters, or anything, so don't choose as one, they won't even appear in this RP.
    6. Keep arguments to a minimum - I recognize one of the major flaws of the Inventory system is that people can use items and spend money without much of your discretion. You are welcome to debate on what items to buy or use with other players, but please, don't take up a damn page full of it. The key to this RP is your cooperation with one another, so reach a compromise so I don't have to do it for you.
    7. No sexual content - please keep this PG-13, romance is allowed. Also, I don't know if anyone here likes to see Pokemon fucking one another... >_>
    8. Don't go too overboard with swearing - Again, keep it PG-13.
    9. Your character may have a max of 4 moves. - You can pretty much have anything, even moves that are not typical for your level. The only way to learn moves in this RP is through TMs, anyway. Just don't choose anything that is on the ban-list so I won't smite you. :)
    10. PLEASE keep track of your numbers! - Seriously, keeping track of your EXP, HP, and Status are VITAL. If you can't remember, it doesn't hurt to check back a few pages to your last battle. Please avoid asking me, sure I'll tell you, but you will get me rather irritated.
    11. Be active - This RP is dependent on the activity of its players. This is why only a max of six will be selected. IF YOU ARE INACTIVE FOR MORE THAN THREE DAYS AND YOU HAVE NOT NOTIFIED ME TO BE PUT IN SUSPENSION MODE YOU WILL BE KICKED.
    12. Call me a "Spoony Bard" anywhere in your sign-up so that I know you read EVERYTHING in this post. - The spooniness of Bards can be as epic as Kefka's laugh.

    • Any move that can 1hit KO an enemy, such as Horn Drill or Sheer Cold
    • The Ability Speed Boost is Banned. If you are a Pokemon like Yanma, you'll pretty much have no ability.
    • Serene Grace ability is banned, as it is pointless since there are no switch-ins in this RP.
    • Any move that attacks for multiple times in a turn (Fury Swipes, Bullet Seed, etc)
    • Moves that stick with you for multiple turns (Rollout, Outrage, etc)
    • Moves that inflict confusion or infatuation, unless it is actually capable of doing damage, where such an effect will be eliminated.
    • The ability Wonder Guard is banned.



    Name: (name of your character, this one is obvious)
    Gender: (Male or Female, or Genderless if your pokemon doesn't have a gender)
    Age: (age of your character)
    Species: (What pokemon are you?
    Appearance: (An image or description of your appearance. Do you have any features different from regular pokemon? Please explain
    Personality: (a few words that describe your character)
    Bio: (A BRIEF description of your character's history, experiences, etc.)
    Moveset: (This is open to several possibilities, and can only have a max of four. The only confinement about this is that the moves you choose must be learnable by the pokemon you choose. I don't want to see a Magikarp with Volt Tackle)
    Ability: (The ability your pokemon has. Again, no ability that is not already native to the pokemon should be chosen)



    -Mugen (Mouthful of Pi)
    -Volt (GliscorMan)
    -Ceta (Jaccer)
    -Magma (smaug
    -Autumn (Rocker32703)
    -Kreeth (sorocoroto)
    -Venn (NinjaGnomi)
    -X (Ombarare)

    If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact me.


    -(8/20/10) Changed max characters to 8 instead of six.
    -(8/17/10) Reopened sign-ups, lifted ban on status altering moves
    -(7/18/10) Updated the item list to enclude the Razor Claw required for Sneasel to evolve. I've also included some information for how Pokemon who evolve by trading will evolve.
    -(7/16/10) Added elemental stones required for pokemon to evolve, also I am permitting the use of Adaptability ability. For every STAB, 1 point of extra damage is ADDED to the damage total.
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    Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute

    I'll join, but I might have to go in suspension mode from the 31st July as I'm on holiday.

    Name: Calum
    Gender: Genderless
    Age: 15
    Species: Elekid
    Appearance: Isn't very different than most Ditto's, he's just younger than most of them
    Personality:Kind, Trustworthy and helpful. Likes Spoony Bard's who make sign up's for RP's(not really, just trying to say I read the rules).
    Bio: When he was born, his parents had disappeared. He had to fend for himself in the world. He sticked around with other Ditto's but he found out he was different. Later on in his life, he decided he would move out of the colony and find life somewhere else.
    Ability: Limber

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    Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute

    I'll join. I love to play D&D in real life, so this should be fun! Note that after today, I will be gone on Vacation for a week.
    Name: Volt
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Species: Mareep
    Appearance: Regular Mareep except his tail-light is blue
    Personality: Fun loving around people he knows he can trust, but highly paranoid elsewhere.
    Bio: Volt's only experiences were getting lost in Hoenn and being betrayed although he won't say who betrayed him.
    Moveset: Heal Bell, Reflect, Thunder and Signal Beam

    SPOONY BARD!!!!!!

    Credit to HikaruIzumi for the awesome avatar!

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    Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute

    I got excited about this, but it just got waaaaaay too complicated D= sorry.
    A poem for JR <3

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    Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute

    Name: Ceta
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Species: Dratini
    Appearance: A normal Dratini.
    Personality: Very insulting to everybody. She does this to hide her insecurity.
    Bio: She has never had a real home, and moves from place, to place.
    -Thunder Wave
    -Aqua Tail
    -Dragon Rush
    Ability: Shed Skin.

    I don't know what a Spoony Bard is.

    What about types? Will there be super effectives?

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    Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute

    Jaccer have been accepted.

    GliscorMan, you forgot to add the ability of your pokemon. Since you are going with Mareep, it is Static, but since that's it's only ability you are pretty much accepted.

    PikaCal, Ditto doesn't evolve, Denied.

    @Jaccer: I knew there was something I forgot to mention. xD
    Super-effective moves act in the same manner as a critical hit, where the damage is doubled. Alternatively only half of damage is given from using moves that are not very effective to the opponent's type.

    @Heart and Soul: The complexity was one of my biggest fears about this, sorry if that was a turn-off for you.

    Oh, and the Spoony Bard is a Final Fantasy reference
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    Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute

    Joey, you Spoony Bard. I'm joining.

    Name: Rouge
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Species: Riolu
    Appearance: A regular Riolu, but she has a little fang.
    Personality: She is mischevous, and sneaky. Even though, she's also playful and childish at times.
    Bio: When she was born, other Riolus thought she wouldn't be powerful, because she was a girl. She had always wanted to prove them wrong, so she went on an adventure, alone. She still wanders, hoping to show them how powerful she can be.
    - Cross Chop
    - Bite
    - Force Palm
    - Blaze Kick
    Ability: Inner Focus

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    Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute

    I have a question - before I make a sign-up sheet, I planned on having a Leafeon (but I can change it to something else if need be). Point is, how will Leafeon and Glaceon evolve, when they require stones in specific areas?

    Thanks. Sign-up coming soon.
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    Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute

    Quilavaprincess, accepted.

    Only two spots left! Get em' while they're hot, people.

    EDIT: Whoops, sorry Rocker, When you are typing something like this for a total of three days you are bound to forget to cover something. xD

    Since Leafeon is an evolved pokemon, you must start out as an Eevee. Since they are dependent on specific stones, I can easily update my item list to include the Frozen Rock, Mossy Rock, and Coronet Rock, as seen in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, for they have the same effect.
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    Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute

    Name: Autumn
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Species: Eevee

    Personality: Kind, Forgiving, Motherly
    Bio: Autumn was raised in a family that didn't have much, but worked with what the had. They were honest and did their hardwork. Autumn was always wanting to explore - and perhaps have a little adventure in her life, not remain as a peasant.
    Moveset: Due to the lack of status-type attacks (Sand Attack, Tail Whip) I had to use pretty powerful moves. I tried to keep it to 3 at the start.
    - Tackle
    - Quick Attack
    - Bite
    - *Not filled*
    Ability: Adaptability - Increases STAB attacks from 1.5x to 2x
    The spooniness of Bards can be as epic as Kefka's laugh.
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    Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute

    @Rocker: About the ability, I'm open to trying it out. Since the way battle works in this RP is different from the games, though, I just have it add 1 point of extra damage to STAB moves, keywords on ADD. (That is, if you land a super-effective bite on critical, it would be 2 * 2 + 1, equalling to a total of five damage)

    I'm going to add an update section soon to keep a log of all these changes.

    Other than that, you are accepted.

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    Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute

    Roger that, but my question still stands - it's kind of a key one for my sign up - how will we I be able to evolve to Leafeon? If you can't do that, I can change my name to Cascade and evolve to Vaporeon.
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    Umm, did you see my post edit?

    You will be able to purchase rocks (mossy rock, frozen rock, etc) to evolve your pokemon. In your case, you would need a mossy rock to evolve into Leafeon. I'm handling this evolution process similar to how it is done with the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon sub-series, if you've played that.

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    Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonite: The Quest for the Azure Flute

    I'm sorry, I didn't see the edit... I'm good now, thanks. ^_^
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    Thank you ★ ★ Princess of Hoenn!

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    Made a mistake with my earlier acceptance post. I forgot that Ditto doesn't evolve into anything. So PikaCal, please choose one that is capable of evolving.

    Othewise, I am surprised how fast this is going! Only two spots left!

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