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    Default Re: Dreamscape

    Name: Zaar
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Spieces: Dream Rebel - Spiritomb
    Appearance: Instead of purple and green, he's black and red, with a wicked scar along his left eye.
    Personality: Cold, ruthless, doesn't care about anyone's life, and highly antisocial. Hates the Dreamscape and all of the denizens.

    Powers: Can launch the spirits inside of him like missles, and can change his form into almost anything. Rarely, when he is on the verge of death, he gains a lot of power, going beserk and being able to kill almost anything he touches. Can also set himself on fire, with no pain to him at all.

    History: Is actually a human, a member of an ancient cult, worshipping a lord of darkness. He spread the grip of shadows gar and wide, and one day, his master spike to him, bu not for the first time. His lord told him that a new dimension was created, and it should be destroyed. He then reincarnately d his most loyal servant as a Pokemon, and transporrted him to this unearthly landscape. He immediately joined the Dream Rebels, and set off to destroy this insane world.

    RP Example: I'll just make something up.

    Zaar was sitting a his desk, waiting for his minion to report back about the latest mission. Suddenly, the doors burst open, and out came a man, breathing heavily.
    "My lord, the team got there successfully, but..." he said.
    "But what?" said Zaar in his cold cruel voice.
    "Dialga was too much. The entire squad was killed. I'm lucky I got-" he started to say, bjt he could not say any more, for Zaar snapped his fingers, and the man rolled his eyes, and slumped to the floor, dead.
    "Hmph. These fools were getting annoying anyway." said Zaar, and he walked out of the room, darkness bending around him, as he prepared to rule time itself...

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    Default Re: Dreamscape

    The Dude, you're Acepted.

    SA, that's not really enough. I need you to add more for... well, everything. Also,l a new dimension wasn't dreated. It took over the old one, so evryone got sucked into it.
    I claim Unown J. Fear teh J.

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    Default Re: Dreamscape

    May I join?

    Name: Autumn

    Gender: Male

    Age: 96 but for a torterra that is young

    Side: Dream Rebels

    Species: Torterra-Dream Wanderer

    Description: Originally, Autumn was just an average torterra. After coming to Dreamscape, his appearance didn’t change much. In fact, he only changed from green to orange and grew larger (with a tree large enough to fit a honchkrow and a floatzel*).

    Dreamscape allowed Autumn to live his dream of being incredibly intelligent and wise. However, he realized with his new wisdom that Dreamscape was not meant to exist. He also gained the power of dendrokinesis and the ability speak in human languages.

    Personality: Before becoming wise and intelligent, Autumn was arrogant and naïve. Now he is calm in everything he does. He speaks politely and respectfully to others unless angered; he is unlikely to be angered unless someone is harming a plant. He values all life so he only eats things that will quickly regrow (ie: grass and leafs). Autumn feels much older than he is because of his sudden wisdom. Though he is wise and intelligent, he often does not actively fight for his beliefs because he doubts he could change anything.

    History: Autumn once lived deep in Eterna Forest. There he lived and declared himself in charge. However, none of the other Pokemon took him seriously because he was foolish and stupid. Feeling rejected, he wandered until he entered Dreamscape. Upon discovering what this world was his dreams became true and he became intelligent and wise. He also turned orange and gained the ability to speak English. He then wanted to be more powerful, so he gained the power of dendrokinesis. With his new powers, he set off to make use of them. He first went to a library because, though he had potential for intelligence and the ability understand, he had no knowledge or experience to make it into intelligence and wisdom. In other words, he was given the ability to become intelligent and wise but he had to learn before he could become intelligent and wise. He soon learned to read and he read every book in the library. He read many novels by the best authors of the real world and learned much about human nature. He also read books about the history of the real world and the beginnings of Dreamscape. He would not have found these books if he had not been in a dream rebel library, made to remind people of the real world. And thus he became wise and intelligent*. Now that he knew the story of how this world started, he knew this world was not meant to be but did nothing about it. It was Cresselia’s world; what could he do about it? And so he wandered around, looking for a place like his old home. Eventually he met a floatzel and a honchkrow who thought the same of this world as he did and they joined him on his quest*. A quest he is still on today.


    Dendrokensis: Control of plants and their parts especially trees.
    -Infinite Leaves: He can make plant parts regrow instantly (i.e. His leaves regrow instantly after he uses them for Leaf Storm and moves like it.
    -Selective Growth: He can control how a plant grows and can make it grow quicker (i.e. he can make a tree’s branches grow curving the direction he wants)
    -Psychic Leaves: When he uses Razor Leaf or Leaf Storm he can control where the leaves go (not where they land but the direction they go)
    -Degrowth: Anything that Autumn grew with his growth powers he can revert back to its original size.


    Great Intelligence and Wisdom

    *Pokémon: Anonymous is it ok for Autumn to have two Pokemon as companions that live in his tree? If not I’ll delete this section and all information referencing them.

    Honchkrow’s personality is much like Autumn’s. The only ability caused by Dreamscape Honchkrow has is the ability to speak in English.
    Floatzel’s personality is much like Autumn’s. The only ability caused by Dreamscape Floatzel has is the ability to speak in English.

    RP Sample: Diamond had never been so excited in his life. He had trained for months to be ready to face the Elite Four. But had it been enough? He shook the negative thoughts from his mind and walked through the gateway towards the first of the four.

    A few hours later, he stepped into the champion's chamber. He had barely survived the elite four and was incredibly nervous to fight the champion. He thought about which Pokemon to start with before he spoke to Cynthia. He decided on his Torterra who had always been his favorite.

    He managed to defeat her Spiritomb with an earthquake; however his Torterra was in no condition to fight Cynthia's Lucario, so he switched in his Lucario, who was quickly dispatched by Cynthia's earthquake. He sent out his Charizard, who managed to defeat Lucario with blast burn. In response, cynthia sent out her gastrodon, who K.O.ed Charizard.

    Much later in the battle, only Diamond's Torterra, healed by a hyper potion, and Cynthia's Milotic remained. Diamond thought he would easily beat Cynthia's water type with his grass type. He was suprised to find that Milotic knew ice beam which Torterra had no chance against. Diamond had lost but had not given up. He'd come back after more training.

    *This information may or may not be true depending on whether it is ok for a pokemon to have regular pokemon companions.
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