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    Default Dragonblooded: A World-Building RP

    So, after my numerous failures in running a non-Pokemon RP, I've decided to try something a little different. While a significant part of those failures was my own inattentiveness/inactivity, I'd imagine at least little bit of it is the fact that, well, my RPs can be boring. They tend to be original settings with a plot built-in--but that makes them very GM-dependent. Why should the player care about this place or that history? Couple that with the need to hide parts of that setting to make a plot surprising, and all that's left are the rather dull bare bones and near constant GM interference to reveal additional bits of the plot and/or setting.

    Compare that with the near-ubiquitous academy RP: it's a simple concept, and doesn't need a lot of backstory or even an actual plot (though those that have them are even better). What matters there is the heart of RPing: pure, worthwhile, and fun character interaction, something the players are actually invested in. A good academy RP doesn't really need a GM other than to keep thing moving; we've all had our share of pages-long conversations and simple interaction.

    So, this is my little experiment. While there's the usual character sign-ups, I'm also asking every player to contribute something to the setting. It could just be a little town off in the countryside, or a shining city on the coast, all the way up to a mighty empire with a long and storied history. Let's see if we can make the setting and the world just as alive to you, the players, as any of your favorite characters. All that's shared between them is one little myth that unites them all...







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    Default Re: Dragonblooded: A World-Building RP

    I'm good for it.

    Name: Lorest
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human, mostly.

    Appearance: 6'8. Somewhat pale skin. Hair long and held in a loose ponytail. Jagged and in eyes. Hair color is brown with white tips. Eyes are an odd heliotrope color. Has sharper than normal canines that seem to become more pronounced as he gets more emotional. Wears a low neck purple shirt with a pauldron on the left shoulder and a chest plate over the shirt.. Has a steel bracer on his right arm and wears a fingerless plated glove on his left hand. Wears a durable set of cotton pants, and has a pack slung around his shoulder. Wears bracers on both legs and steel-toed leather boots. Has a large pike strapped to his back and a couple of knives strapped in his belt.
    Personality: He's quite shy for stated reasons, but will speak up and ask questions to learn about the surrounding world. He dislikes fighting and prefers to settle altercations with peaceful matters, but when a fight is unavoidable, he tries to settle the problem in as quick and permanent a way as possible.
    Background: Lorest is a self-imposed exile of the Xol, due with his disagreement with the government’s increasingly isolationist tendencies. He would rather explore the world and see what it has to offer, rather than never venturing any further than his hometown. After realizing that the government's policies had become more and more extreme over time, he set out to get away from it all, and to find out what was really going on from an outside perspective. He has some connection to the ancients who lived in the forest before, but it is unknown how.
    Hometown: Darthvynn

    Location: The Xol includes a large forested area with underground tunnels underneath the entirety of they of the area. It's far to the north, but not so far that they get constant snowfall year-round. The Xol was once defended by a mighty creature who's identity has long been lost to time. The Xol was once a place of peace and a place where much magic lore was studied. However much has been lost over the ages of time, and only a few people outside the Xol knows it's history, and only a few select individuals know of it inside of it. Currently, many dangerous beast tend to roam the main roads to the woods, discouraging the average traveler.
    Culture/Faction: The Xol Protectorate: To the world it's, the Protectorate and it's surrounding lands is ultimately peaceful, if somewhat a bit too insistent at being left alone. As it has been determined that they have no discernible weapons and are no threat, their wish has for the most part, has been acquiesced to. It is currently being ruled by the King Laikrosis the XIV, and he's of a quite similar mind of his predecessors and keeps to much of the same policy.

    Dragonblooded: Yes. He can manipulate the shadows around him to either hide, or can cause them to become solid to snag or trap. He also has sight in pitch darkness, but is more likely to be blinded by bright light.
    Class: A close-range Ranger. He is excellent at tracking and wood-lore, but prefers to wield a pike and get into the thick of thick of things when he does fight. His haphazard placement of armor is so he can quickly move to protect his vitals, while still moving around quickly.
    Level Progression: I am currently unsure what to put here, but this will be solved shortly.

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    Default Re: Dragonblooded: A World-Building RP

    Name: Will
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf

    Appearance:Will is a moderately handsome young man who stands at 5,7 and weighs 120 lbs. His frame is fairly slender, and he isn't one to rely a lot on brute strength. He has pale white skin and straight silver hair with long bangs. His eyes are a cool icy blue, with a passionate sparkle in them, and pointed ears. He wears a pale blue shirt with a black pants and simple leather loafers.

    Personality: Will is a passionate teenager who enjoys freedom, he hates being told what to do, and being controlled by others. He's playful, and a bit of a joker, and doesn't do a lot when not interested. Despite this, he's a kind hearted guy who can be quite personable and chivalrous. Will is also fairly resourceful and willing to put his life on the line for his friends.

    Background: Will lives alone in the deep Lumina Forest, acting as it's guardian and protecter. His mother had died at a young age, and his father was a controlling man, who never let Will have any free will. Refusing to be his puppet anymore, he ran away from his hometown of Nimue Village, and left to the nearby Lumina Woods. People rarely entered there, because it was thought to be haunted by ghosts. When there, Will had discovered small woodland creatures called Chlorophylites, small wooden creatures with the ability to use photosynthesis. Befriending these creatures, Will became their guardian and protecter, often scaring away humans who had wandered into Lumina Woods. At the age, of 10, Will had discovered that he had a strange gift. He could soar through the air, like someone swimming through water. He had also started learning the art of magic and flight, and he was then rumored by the nearby villagers as The Silver Ghost because of his silver hair.

    Hometown: Nimue Village, (Formerly) Lumina Forest (Curenty)

    Location: Lumina Woods, a woodland where light filters through, it has a variety of plants and mushrooms, along with small ponds scattered through out. Lumina Woods is a sight to behold at night as the flowers start to glow with a beautiful blue light, being labeled as Heaven's Mirror because the way the mimic the stars. They have another name though, Death Lamps, like the lantern that leads souls to the afterlife. It is populated by the Chlorophylites.

    Nimue village is small village located a half a mile south of Lumina Woods. It located next to large lake known as Floria, and is said to inhabit the water spirit, Nimue. They regaurd her as a deity and worship her with the water ceremony every full moon. Nimue village is you're typical lakeside village, inhabited by elves and humans.

    Culture/Faction: Chlorophylites are woodland creatures, they are are made of wood and have faces that look like someone carved them in with a knife. They live in tree houses, and there lead by the the Lumina Elder, (Picked by election). The Chlorophylite clan only has 20 members, and they reproduce by planting seeds durring the Forrest Ceremony, a ceremony lead by the Chlorophylite Elder where seeds are blessed to grow into the woodland children. There week physically, but there magic aptitude is high, being able to control and manipulate plants. There also capable of Photosynthesis.

    Nimue Village is named after the water spirit Nimue, who is said to reside in the nearby Lake Floria. She is said to be a loving spirit who has the ability to bring rain and life. Water from Lake Floria has healing capabilities, and is used as medicine in Nimue Village. It's a small village with a population of about 50, mostly made up elves and humans. There lead by a mayor who is elected by vote every 2 years.

    Dragonblooded: Yes, Will has the ability to fly (Sorta like Peter Pan) Being able to do so with ease and grace. Will also has high magic aptitudes, prefering to use elemental sorcery focusing mostly on Light, Lightning, Nature, Fire, and Wind. When fighting, Will uses a combination of Offensive Magic to damage or weaken the foe, along with acrobatic and arial attacks.

    Class: Red Mage (Offensive Magic and physical attacking, with weak defenses)

    Level Progression:

    Start - Spark - Will creates and tosses a ball of light to damage the foe

    Start - Arial Kick - Will flies over doing a front flip right before kicking the foe

    7 - Thunder - Will summons a bolt of lightning to strike the foe

    11 - Fire - Will create a fire ball that attacks the foe

    16 - Freeze - Will freezes the foe in Ice

    21 - Drill Dive - Will flies above the foe before diving down with a powerful kick, rotating like a drill

    25 - Poison - Will summons flowers that scatter toxic spores to poison the foe

    33 -13 trials of heaven -Will flies over and delivers 13 kicks

    40 - Confusion - Will engulfs the foe in a bright light that confuses them

    47 - Breezy Requiem - Will summons a gale to blow nearby objects at the foe to smack them.

    55 - Cripple - Cuts the foe's strength by half

    60 - Bolts of Sorrow - Will summons a piller of lightning to drop down and electrocute everything around him.

    77 - Nature's Wrath - Will summons tree roots to constrict the foes'

    88 - Column of Light - Will summons a piller of light to crush the foe

    100 - Cripple - Will cut's the foe's Defense, Strength, and Speed by half.

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    Default Re: Dragonblooded: A World-Building RP

    Wait for me! I'll finish at some point in the near future.

    Name: Evra Reinhart
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human

    Personality: Detail please--a few sentences
    Background: Try to include something about your character's culture/faction (see below)--they don't exist in a vacuum, after all
    Hometown: Either your custom setting from below, or one already made

    Location: Describe a new setting to add to the world, or one you've made for a prior character. Try to touch a little on its climate, its location in relation to other places, and its inhabitants
    Culture/Faction: Elaborate on the inhabitants of your setting. Can be very simple, but detail is always a plus, especially if it's large, like a kingdom or empire

    Dragonblooded: State whether or not your character is Dragonblooded, and what powers they consequently have
    Class: Scientist. Uses science to reproduce the effects of magic spells.
    Level Progression:
    Starting - Acid Flask: Let's Evra throw flasks of acid at enemies.
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    Default Re: Dragonblooded: A World-Building RP

    Name: Raiya'il Baal Thrashamain
    Age: 37
    Gender: Mala
    Race: Human/Elf

    Appearance: The best way to describe Raiya is regal. He stands tall, and relatively well built, with a toned body, and a long thin face. He has proud blue eyes and sharp ears. He has light skin, befitting one of his class, and locks of brown hair. He often dressed in a blue cloak, dotted with the symbol of his power, the Dragon, in gold across its surface, with fur lining on the top. His crown is golden, bejewelled with the three jewels of the kingdom, the Aemthrist, the Gildwaden and the Shiatin. On his feet he usually wears riding boots with golden spurs.

    Personality: Raiya is proud, as can be seen in the mode of his rule. He is regal and acts like a king might. He shows mercy on those who would also show mercy, but is not afraid to crucify some rebels at any odd stage. He has been described as a kind and benevolent ruler, although only to those who sit in front of him. He is not necessarily kind, but neither is he cruel and distainful. He is often in grief at the loss of his great Empire, but proud of his Dragonblooded and Elven lineage.

    Background: The House of Thrashamain were rulers of the Draiagid Empire for years after the death of Xeneid the Conquerer, one of the original Dragonblooded, and Elf, who had marched his armies over most of the continent. Eventually their blood became less pure, muddied with the filt of men. Kaiya came to the throne aged twenty, and grew up with wealth and spleandour around him. He did some good, making roads, imposing just Magistrates over the Empire. His armies conquered East and West, into neighbouring kingdoms. It all changed when the Alesians came from over the sea. They landed, sending legions across his land. His armies were beaten in battle after battle, unable to defeat the Alesians' superior fighting forces. He withdrew his Empire to along Helfel's Dyke, an old hill running continuously that divided his Kingdom in half. From then on he worked on fortifying it and making a professional army.

    Hometown: Draiagid, the Golden City, Heart of the Draiagid Empire for centuries, now lost to Alesia.
    Location: The new Trashian Kingdom, risen from the ashes of the Draiagid Empire. The area is held in on one side by Helfel's Wall, the fortifyed Helfel's Dyke, and on the other by a series of forts in strategic locations. The Kingdom was originally a poorer area of the Draiagid Empire, where resources like Gold and Iron were mined, and forests were cut down for wood. The Capital City is Aryal, an old miner's colony that, once the Royal Retinue arrived, expanded in size greatly, although not much in inhabitants. The Kingdom is rainy, although very fertile and rich in minerals.

    Culture/Faction: The Trashian Kingdom has thrown off any semblance of an Empire, becoming a purely efficient Kingdom. Lavishness like races and theatres are rare, and almost every city is fortified. There is a period of compulsary service for every boy of the age of eighteen in the Legions of the Kingdom. The army is structured so:

    The army is split into twenty Legions, each consisting of 3000 infantry, 800 horse, 2000 archers and 20 artillery pieces manned by 5 men each. Each Regiment is lead by a Dux. There are different ranks of Dux, each of which imply their seniority. The most senior Dux is an Imperator, basically the head of all Twenty Regiments. There are then Four Generals, Six Strategoi and Nine plane Duces.

    The legions are split into Six Bands of infantry, 8 Wings of archers, Two Companies of House and 4 Houses of artillery. Each Band is lead by a First Sword, each Wing by a Captain of Bow, each Company by a Duocorian and each House my a Master of House.

    Each Band is split into 5 Hands, each of which is led by a Captain. The First Hand is lead by the First Sword of that Band. Under the Captains are Lieutenants, under-Lieutenants and the Banner Bearers.

    Each Wing is a unified unit, but under the Captain of Bow are the Five Callers, who in effect lead 50 men each, and under them are Lieutenants.

    Each Company is split into 5 Squadrons, each led by a Vigintan.

    Each House is split into Five Pieces, each led by a Master of Artillery. Each piece is, literally and Artillery Piece.

    50% of the army is made up of the Militia. They usually play a lesser role to the regulars, standing in the second line of battle in the Infantry, merely carrying boulders in the artillery, or acting as messengers in the Cavalry.

    There are many civilian ranks, such as the Five Governors and the Quaestors.

    In the centre of the Kingdom lies the Grey Tower, where Magicians are trained. Like ordinary people, they have to spend time in the army, and are very secretive.

    Dragonblooded: Raiya is a weak Dragonblooded. This results to little in the end besides enhanced physical ability and keen eyesight.
    Class: Raiya is a Magician, and a strong one at that. He raised the whole of Helfel's Dyke by himself and held the armies of Alesia in check with only a few handfuls of men and magicians.

    Level Progression:

    Start-Levitate: Kaiya moves and controls the opponent with magic

    Level 5-Fire Ball

    Level 9-Thunderbolt

    Level 13- Rock Slide

    Level 19-River Flow

    Level 21- Wind Blast

    Level 27-Inferno

    Level 36-Deep Cold

    Level 41-Root Attack

    Level 46-Thunder Storm

    Level 53-Avalanche

    Level 62-Tidal Wave

    Level 71-Hurricane

    Level 80-Volcano

    Level 90-Power of the Elements

    Level 100-Beam of Gods


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