Doctor Who: A Timelord in Distress.
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Thread: Doctor Who: A Timelord in Distress.

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    Default Doctor Who: A Timelord in Distress.

    Doctor who? Doctor who? It is said that silence will fall when the question is asked.

    The Silence have taken over. They have drive Humanity into space yet again. They have had them create shuttles fast enough to travel multiple light years in a day. They have sent man-kind on a mission: Conquer. The human race is venturing out into space taking planets by force. But there is a rivaling force. The Daleks. They have the same goal as the Silence, and neither side will rest until they get what they want.

    Maybe a different question should be asked: Where’s the Doctor?

    The Tardis has been marooned on planet that is supposedly uninhabited and you along with it. But there’s a reason that the planet is uninhabited…


    Sign up:

    RULES (Please Read):

    I’ll post my SU tomorrow. (8/31/2012)

    Happy RPing!
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    Default Re: Doctor Who: A Timelord in Distress.

    Oh, why not?

    Name: Charles Thompson

    Species: Human

    Age: 17

    Appearance: natural brown hair; left side is dyed black. Eyes are brown. Wears a white long-sleeve shirt, brown vest, and black jean-like pants. Brow boots that go halfway up to the knee, with black soles and straps. Also wears an orange scarf, and carries a pink and yellow backpack.

    Personality: Charles is extremely genre-savvy, and rarely hesitates to make some snarky comment about the situation at hand. He is also obsessed with cats- especially tigers, and carries a plushie of said cat around everywhere he goes.

    History: ((I think I'd like to see your own SU before I can come up with something...))


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