Those who live within this world are aware.

They are capable of comprehension, formidable even by human standards. The very workings and networks on which the world is based, they are able to manipulate and use to their advantage. Creating the foundation of belief, they are capable of twisting the all-powerful force that is faith to tame the masses. Billions of lives in the hands of a few select powers.

A great ability. But a frightening one.

However, no matter their strengths or weaknesses, they are exactly what they wish to transcend. Human. This, as a result, will make them the most vulnerable to the clutches of fate. They cannot escape destiny, they are not immune to death. The most powerful force in the world is that of inevitability.

In the newest period of the world, civilization has reached a new high. People have become more advanced, technology and science has reached new levels of complexity. Sprawling cities and abundant resource is a regular sight. Children, men, and women all work together in activism to increase the capital. But, no matter how advanced humanity will become, one thing will always remain set in stone.

There must always be leaders. Those who lead and head the masses on the right path. Charismatic and persuasive individuals, to totalitarian and harsh dictatorial ones. The powers of the world are always believed to be in the hands of a few select people. World Leaders, a colloquial term.

Some choose to actively defy the powers that be. Whether it be through political and moral endeavors or a much more covert modus operandi, all of humanity will pursue the pinnacle of potential. And through this, they will be shunned. They will be dishonored and unable to function in society. Some actions are considered to be a grave consequence against nature.

Under the basis of obtaining human potential, those fallen soldiers of humanity rose in the depths of the worst the world has to offer. Learning from one another, they have learned of the Arts. Magic, capable of being used to save themselves. In this vein, they search. They work together to find their place, to change the course of the world.

To change the concept of inevitability.
Welcome to Dishonored, a new RP idea that I've recently had. Due to my inactivity, many of you won't know me. At all, really. However, I wish to try and salvage whatever I can into creating this new idea. This will probably be my last hosting of a roleplay, as well.

This roleplay is a free-form type of RP. You will be playing a character who, in the quest for something more, has delved into the use of magic as an answer. Using magic, you will be able to advance through the story, branching out the various plots into one solid chapter. There are no powers that are set in stone, but each of them will be reviewed for the correct Advantages and Disadvantages.

The rules are simple: No God-modding, Bunnying, Tennising, and Mini-modding (without permission). If any of you have these problems, I will contact you and let you know. You must follow the template of character creation, and you cannot choose to not add anything stated. If you do, it will not be accepted.