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    Default Digimon: The Video Game Rebellion



    Your Role


    List of Digimon

    Extra Info


    1. Kirah Swada- dajman1996
    2. Alan Wagner- vampiremessiah51

    SU Form:

    Name: (First and Last are required, middle is optional.)
    Age: (13-16)
    Appearance: (At least two paragrahs. Hair color and length, eye color, clothes, skin tone, and height required. Anything else is optional. Their eye colors can't 'change' either. They're always one color. They can be a odd color, like pink, purple, red, gold, whatever, but they both have to be the same color.)
    Personality: (Tell me about your character. Are they shy, hot-headed? How do they react to being attacked, or targeted? Do they prefer a comfy area over anything else? Do they care about others?)
    History: (Just a little bit about your character's past. At least a thick-ish paragrah please.)
    Faults: (What are your characters 'faults', or struggles? At least three.)
    Advantages: (Basicly, their good points. At the most three. And they can't be over-the-top, we're human.)
    Other: (Anything else not mentioned put here.)

    My SU:
    Name: Kirah Swada

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Kirah stands at 6"2 with a lean build. His messy spikey raven hair is never tended to. Kirah's skin tone is a slightly pale. During Fall-Winter Kirah dons a red scarf around his neck and never takes a off. Spring-Summer Kirah never takes off his D-Reaper logo hat. As for his facial features, Kirah has a very noticible scar under his left eye that he is not ashamed to too let anyone stare As for his eyes Kirah has dark chocolate brown eyes.

    Kriah's outfit are usually blue jeans accompanied by a sky blue T-Shirt with the crest of miracles being the logo. He usually wears sneekers as he shoes. A black vest may be on top of his T-Shirt on colder days along with black fingerless gloves. Kirah could also be seen wearing black tinted sun glasses to stop anyone from looking for him.

    Personality: Kirah is what most people call lazy/laid back, he fails to meet dead lines, a bit unreliable and worst of all the people that try to correct him of his ways just get ignored by him. However Kirah is very friendly and open to anyone. Kirah around a crowd is usually the center of attention and is loud, happy and active. Kirah however hates being isolated and solitary and can't stand being alone in a room.

    Kirah is shown to be a quick thinker when in urgent situations such as in sport or presentations and could exectute a well strategiesed plan. However when he is just himself Kirah can be called slow and distracted. To summarise most people call Kirah a mix-bag of emotions and you'll be glad which emotion that comes out of him.

    History: Being the only male and non-adopted out of his 4 siblings Kirah had a very femine household with just him and his dad as the males. However each of his sisters loved him. At the age for 9 he was bought to a Digimon Convention by his family where he learnt about one of the biggest trend in the world. Instantly he took a liking to it and become a fanatic about Digi-Anything. He saved his money for the trading cards, he caught every episode aired on T.V, he owns all the Digimon DVD's collectors edition.

    One day while in creative writing when Kirah was 14, he decided to write a short story for a local competition about something Digimon related, there Kirah starred in his own story leading a group of Digimon to defeat the newly awakened D-Reaper since he had a particular liking of that season. The short story won the competition and Kirah received his D-Reaper hat and crest of miracles T-Shirt where he is always seen wearing.

    Kirah had a good school life, he wasn't the captain of the soccer team yet he was in it, he wasn't the most studious but he came there to have fun. People always recalled him as the boy who lightened up your day and he lived up to that title.

    His family life was nice and warm, where he would have the occassinal sibling fights over the smallest things. His mom was American and Dad Japanese. The range of older sisters he had were American and Japanese. When friends were over his household was very multicultrual incoporating Japanese customs with an American life-style was the phrase to describe it. Kirah is currently hoping to enter a Digimon Trading card tournment.

    Faults: Oblivious/unobservant, lazy, failing to get serious.

    Advantages: Quick thinker under pressure, fit, stands for his point/stubborn.
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    Default Re: Digimon: The Video Game Rebellion

    Name: Alan Wagner
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Alan stands at 5'10'' and is roughly 150 lbs giving him a lean build. His hair is long and black falling to about his shoulder blades and he has piercing gray eyes. He wears a black T-Shirt with thin fiery red designs on it swirling about the shirt reaching up towards his head. His pants are black cargo pants which he tucks the ends of into black combat boots. Over his T-Shirt he wears a duster that falls to about his ankles. He tends to fill the pockets on his pants and duster with extra supplies or important items such as maps and a compass. He clips his digivice to a chain that hangs from his belt within easy reach.

    He tends to have a foreboding look about him and many people say he tends to look angry. This can usually seem rather imposing to anyone who doesn't know him or aren't comfortable around him yet. In reality, this is simply the look his face makes when he is deep in thought. His closest friends have seen him smile though and once you get to know him he seems less imposing.

    Personality: Alan is generally very focused and serious. He has little patience for foolery and messing around and constantly focuses on important tasks at hand. Much of his free time is spent planning and training with his digimon to prepare themselves for the struggles they may need to face ahead. He tends to take failure somewhat hard especially if his allies are hurt in the processes. His goal driven focus may also give him "tunnel vision" and cause him to ignore the needs of others.

    He's incredibly close with his digimon however and cares deeply for his friends and allies and will staunchly defend them. During victorious or personal moments with others he will generally be very friendly and more open than he is when he's trying to get something done. He relishes these moments as they allow him to connect with others which is generally something that comes very hard for him. He tends to otherwise be somewhat reclusive and relies on others respecting his intelligence and strategic mind to compensate.

    History: Alan was originally born in Germany but his parents moved him to the United States when he was a young child. He was very ambitious growing up and took to many extra curricular activities including music lessons and martial arts lessons. He tended to have trouble fitting in with his classmates due to his accent and his focused nature. He put most of his efforts into his schoolwork despite this and consistently got high marks which didn't help his social situation. Alan was content however to be a good student with a variety of interests.

    This began to change however when digimon swept the nation by storm. The card game in particular was incredibly popular in his school and a great deal of popularity was assigned to playing the game. Alan was able to put his tactical mind to good use and created several powerful decks making him one of the toughest opponents in the area. He slowly began to make friends for the first time as he became known as an excellent player. Everything was going fine until one day, when the digimon attacked. As chaos took to the streets and school was canceled Alan and his family hid out waiting for the day when it would once again be safe to leave their home...

    Faults: Anti-social, tends to take things a bit too seriously, rarely shows his sense of humor

    Advantages: Likes to take charge, constantly does his best to be prepared, strong and confident.

    Other: not sure what your process for picking digimon is but if my input has any merit I'm pretty happy in general with the selection of digimon. Lunamon is really the only one that doesn't catch my fancy. Also what's the plan for Gazimon digivolving? I can't actually remember or find any digivolution line for him. Not sure if you have something special planned for that, if it's secret feel free to keep it so. I'm just curious :P EDIT: Strike that I think I found something and Gazimon might be my favorite XD
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    Default Re: Digimon: The Video Game Rebellion

    Well Accepted! I guess Gazimon can go from Devidramon>Megadramon/Cyberdramon>Darkdramon. Also I'll be rolling a die once everyone has been accepted hence there are 6 rp'er and Digimon so I guess it'll be random even for me.

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    Default Re: Digimon: The Video Game Rebellion

    Yeah I actually found a really nice line for him myself XD

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    Default Re: Digimon: The Video Game Rebellion

    name:Jake Nakamura


    Appearance:http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR4RZ6OvzwDiBBbWMGQunk-yhfw8POzn73Wv17YZL3Y-DdKnP5N6TYbjaGyMw (Is it ok to use a picture?)

    Personality:Jake is a little shy, clumsy, and is optimistic almost all the time(he is only sad when his or other lives are in danger). When attacked he always panics cause he doesn't like hurting people(or other beings), no matter how evil they are he will try to find the good in them. Jake hates being alone cause he will think he is being watched or use his instincts to hurt people(you will understand when you read the history).

    History:Since he was born as a child of a martial arts master he was trained at a very young age how to fight, so he has the instincts of a martial artist and never competes cause he doesn't want to hurt his opponents. Then when his mother died of an illness, since she was the only one who let him not compete, his father trained him restlessly day in and day out to win a national tournament. But when Jake forfeited the tournament he ran away to America to escape his father and found out about the Digimon game. He played with them every day(not using them in a match against other Digimon) until this incident happened, when his Digimon came out he was happy for a second that he now had real friends. But that soon went away when they attacked him and he had to hide in the playground from his Digimon.

    Faults:Jake is very trusting(to everyone even whoever is the big bad boss in this),clumsy, he wont use his martial art skills(unless needed), and very cowardly.

    Advantages:He is very good in martial arts, smart, and wont betray anyone(except his father).


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