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    It was another normal night in the town of Bankridge, a fairly normal town. Most of the people were asleep, except for the researchers at the base in the center of town. Nobody really knew what went on there: The researchers were all from out of town, and the facility was government funded and top secret. For good reason, too. If anyone knew what they were researching, they would never have let the facility be built. Especially if they knew that that night, there would be a mistake. Perhaps a switch, left on by mistake, or a button accidentally pressed. The facility was bathed in a red light, as a portal opened in the room in the center. A being, dark and horrifying, rose out of it.

    The next morning, things started changing. Some people began to go insane. Others disappeared. And a few gained strange powers. What were they doing at the facility, and how can you save Bankridge?
    Yo! New RP here! In this one, you play as a group of people who live in Bankridge as you attempt to stop demons from taking over. It's a little different from most RPs, however.


    This RP uses a system much like FFXIII. You roll to get points, and however much you rolled is the amount of points you get for that turn. These allow you to use skills or maintain ones that are already active. This site will be used for rolling.

    At level one, each player has 10 stats, distributed across five attributes. In addition, they get another two based on their occupation. The stats are:
    HP: This is how much damage your character can take. Each point added gives 3 HP. When hit points drop to 0, the character is unconscious, or should their player feel so inclined, dead.
    Attack: This ability determines damage for physical attacks and skills. A character's normal attack uses this stat. Damage for it = attack-opponent's defense.
    Defense: This attribute reduces damage from physical attacks.
    Magic Attack: This attack determines damage for magical skills. Skills that fall under this are most skills that deal elemental damage.The formula for magical skill damage = magic attack-opponent's magic defense. It also determines how much an ally is healed by healing spells.
    Magic Defense: This attack determines resistance to damage from magic attacks.
    Speed: This determines a character's accuracy and evasion. To determine if an attack hits, roll 1-10 using the dice roller, and add it to your character's speed. If it exceeds the opponent's speed+5, the attack hits.

    Skills can be pretty much anything: Physical abilities, mutations brought on by the coming demon apocalypse...Anything, so long as the ability isn't too overpowered. All characters start with two skills. Some skills are passive, meaning that they are always on. These usually aren't as strong as other skills. Other skills can be switched on and off. While on, they reduce the users P each turn. If the user doesn't roll as much P as needed, the skill turns off. Finally, active skills are simply used, provided the user has enough P.
    Example Skills:
    Flare: Deals fire elemental damage+2 to one foe.(2P)
    Channel: Summons a spirit to help aid the caster in battle. It's stats are:
    Harden: The user hardens their skin, increasing their defense by 2. (3P/Turn)
    Heal: The user heals themselves or their allies for the user's magic attack in HP. (3P)
    Cleave: The user attacks the foe for their attack+2. On a roll of 10 for hit, deals double damage. (5P)
    Quick Attack: The user attacks the foe for their attack+speed in damage. (5P)
    Pummel: The user attacks the foe four times, for half their attack in damage each hit.(7P)
    Volt: Deals the user's magic attack +2 in electricity damage to the target. On a roll of 10 for hit, the target loses their next turn. (3P)
    Freeze: Deals the user's magic attack+2 in frost damage, and lowers the target's speed on a roll of 10 for hit.(3P)

    Level Up
    Players level up every 100 experience points. Each level, a character gains 2 points to put in any stat. Every even-numbered level, character's also get a new skill.

    Ready to fight the demons? Here's the sign-up form!

    Name: What's your character's name? Include any nicknames.
    Age: How old is your character?
    Gender: Are you a boy, or a girl?
    Occupation: What does your character do for a living? Adds two points to any stats.
    Appearance: What does your character look like?
    Family: Anyone your character is related to?
    Likes: Things your character enjoys.
    Dislikes: Things your character hates.
    Goals: What your character wants, in both the long-term and near future.
    Favorite Color: What color does your character like best?
    Level: Your character starts at level one. You should edit this upon levelling up to help keep track.
    XP: How many experience points you have. You start at zero, and level up every 100.
    Stats: Distribute 10 points among these.
    Magic Attack:
    Magic Defense:
    Resists: You can choose an element your character takes only half damage from. The elements are fire, water, electricity, dark, and light. If you have a resistance, you must also have a weakness.
    Weakness: Choose one of the above elements if you have a resistance. Your character takes double damage from attacks of that element.
    Skills: You start with 2.

    Name: Donald "Don" Taylors
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Gang Leader (+1 attack, +1 speed), student
    Appearance: Donald, despite being a delinquent, is quite wealthy, and enjoys showing it. He wears a nice red lacket with long sleeves, and a gold ring with a red jewel on it. He has long, black hair, and wears a set of small, rectangular shades over his green eyes. He usually wears black jeans and a muscle shirt as well.
    Family: His father, Donald Taylors Sr., his mother, Lucia Taylors, and his cat, Mr. Fluffybutt.
    Likes: Money, fighting, mugging old ladies, having friends.
    Dislikes: Being left alone, poor people, authority.
    Goals: To have as much fun as possible. Unfortunately, his idea of fun usually involves vandalizing something or breaking car windows. Of course, now that he's developed his powers, he's starting to think bigger.
    Favorite Color: Red
    Level: 1
    HP: 9
    Attack: 3+1(Gang leader)
    Defense: 2
    Magic Attack: 0
    Magic Defense: 0
    Speed: 2 + 1(Gang leader)
    Resists: None
    Weakness: None

    Gather: Calls a gang member to help him fight. Their stats are:

    Regeneration: When Donald activates this, he regains one hit point a turn, at the cost of losing 2P at the start of each one. (2P/Turn)[/QUOTE]

    -Use the battle system for fighting.
    -Be honest. Don't cheat and add extra stats or roll until you get a high enough number.
    -Respect your fellow RPers OOC. In character, feel free to be as disrespectful as you want.
    To show that you red the rules, type your character's favorite color in that color.
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    Also this RP is really cool. It's like Percy Jackson. You can be a god's reincarnation and have powers and you're at a school and it's totally radical!


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