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    Default Dead Rising Case: World

    Backstory: This is my idea of what happens after the bad ending in DR:2. What happened was since Chuck lost Katie and Frank was called in they fought in this Chuck won died and the infecton slowly spread around the world.

    You! (Yes you on the computer): You are one of the few survivors of the Fortune City outbreak and have picked up an old weapon of some sorts (You will get more along the way and there is combo weapons) and have joined the group besides staying alive you must make sure you are not the most hated in the group or I might make zombies eat you just sayin.

    Rules: No Godmodding (Please only I do that for story reasons)
    Don't Control Other Players (Common Courtesy please)
    Spelling (Please no l33t talk bad grammer I dont mind to an extent and one or two spelling mistakes are fine but again no l33t talk)
    Swearing and Relationships are ok. (But no sex or at least fade through and no personal insults)
    No overpowering your character (Work for that lightsaber man!)
    Lastly I'm open to a Co-GM I'm new to running rp's so it would help.

    Character Sheet/ My Example: Name: Garret Graham

    Age: 26 (Minimum of 19)

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Apearence: Tall with black hair going to his shoulders he has a scar running down his cheek from a bar fight he had 3 years ago. He wears a black Clash at Demonhead T-Shirt and black jeans and for a fight he has a red hockey mask for Dramatic reasons.

    Personality: Mostly cheerful but gets bitter when he's fighting zombies.

    Starting Weapon: Broom

    Backstory: Is optional but does have to be explained through the progress of the story.

    That is all please feel free to try for Co-GM and give suggestions for ways to improve hope to see you here soon. -Gman7428 =D
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    Default Re: Dead Rising Case: World

    Name: Kris walker

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Straight

    Apearence: Kris is tall with long dark brown hair that reaches down to her shoulder blades . She has dark blue eyes with grey flecks. She usually wears a dark t-shirt and jeans. She has a pair of black steel toed boots and a pair of dark fingerless gloves. She also has a black cowboy hat that she uses to block out the sun.

    Personality: Kris is fairly nice, but not that trusting, it takes a while for her to become close enough to someone, to trust that they will watch her back when she turns away.

    Starting Weapon: Metal Baseball bat

    Backstory: Kris' dad worked at a sports shop in Fortune city, and she was there helping him when the outbreak started. (I will go deeper into her history later, this is just to explain a few things)
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