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    Default Darren Shan : Demonata RP (Sign Ups OPEN) 12+

    This will not follow the Direct story, though it will be happening simultaneously.

    I plan to have the group put together by Beranabus, before he shoots off with Kernel and Co on THEIR story..

    Certain events will coincide with ours however...

    Im going to see if we can get it in a 3rd person style story..




    Im Reece, a little less than your average 19 year old. I go to work, go home to my apartment and sleep. I was exceptionally grumpy that day, because not only had i been soaked due to the rain, id also lost my phone. So i got home, hit the kettle to make a coffee, and slumped in a chair, before flicking through the TV, knowing full-well that nothing would interest me. I heard a crackling.. sort of a fizzing noise, coming from my bedroom..So i went to look.

    I couldnt beleive my eyes, it was as if something was being suspended in mid air! A sort of purple cloud.. Like a mini-lightening storm...I rubbed my eyes, and the cloud got bigger and bigger... I swore to myself, "What the F#@£ is going on?!"... Thats when i got a reply, not a standard one however. It was in an echoey, kinda distant tone "Mind your tongue boy! Pack a bag and walk through the gate" I stumbled back, shocked.. i swore again, unintentionally.

    Now what happened next, no-one will beleive, you'll think its mad, that this is a story.. and thats fine.

    Within a second, a man stepped through the cloud, wearing a purple suit... He was a rather elderly man, maybe late 50's, but he walked like he was in his teens. "Who the hell are you? What the hell is that? But... Thats.." I stuttered, awestruck. "Pack a bag. Ill explain on the way.." I was about to argue back, when he pushed me into a wall, "Your hesitation will get us ALL killed, DO IT!" So i did. Not having to worry about family, i was abandoned, so i lived alone. We both stepped through the cloud... (When i say we both stepped, I got pushed while he walked through)

    That was the day my world turned upside down, and my dreams became my nightmares...

    Name: Reece

    Age: 19

    Powers: Unknown

    Personality: Reece had learned that no one was going to look out for him, so he had to do it himself. He would do what he can to ensure that he came out on top. He didnt care. He was untrusting of most people, and only looked out for those he considered to be friends, which didnt come easily... he had a fiery temper, and got carried away a lot. Although he didnt look strong, his mentality compensated for it. He kept pushing and Pushing 'till he won.

    Appearance: Attachment 69267
    (Picture made using Hero machine 3)

    From: London

    There we go, just a simple SU will do, since we will find out about each other during the RP...

    ENJOY :D
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    Default Re: Darren Shan : Demonata RP (Sign Ups OPEN) 12+

    Oh, fuck yes! I love this series!

    Name: Jun

    Age: 19

    Powers: He can command demons. It only works on some of the weaker ones like Artery and Vein for now. He has to look into their eyes, and speak very sternly and confidently to them. It's one part like taming a dog, one part like mind control, and one part showing the demons that he doesn't fear them. He also has the typical mage powers, though he's especially good at forming barriers.

    Personality: Jun is normally really calm and reserved. He takes everything really well, in a cool, collected manner. Nothing ever fazes him. He believes there's nothing after death, and as such, doesn't really fear it. He also thinks that since the earth is a tiny speck in a huge, uncaring universe, nothing much matters.

    Appearance: Jun stands at 5'11, and is a little chubby, His black hair is spiked, and he has olive colored skin. As far as clothes, he usually wears a hawaiian shirt, some tan cargo shorts, and sandals.

    From: Anchorage, Alaska

    I might make another character.
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    Default Re: Darren Shan : Demonata RP (Sign Ups OPEN) 12+

    Quote Originally Posted by Pi Face View Post
    Oh, fuck yes! I love this series!

    I might make another character.
    Accepted, And by all means!

    I have to Admit, when i saw that you had replied, i was worried id get the same lingo that you used in several other RP's :p

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