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    Default Crisis in Johto

    In the Johto Region, two legendary entities protect both the Pokemon and people who live there. The legendary guardian of the Sky; Ho-oh, and the legendary guardian of the sea; Lugia. Both are said to only be a legend -- Creatures of myth -- that protect the Johto region for endless seasons. It is said that even the legendary being of time; Celebi, watches the actions of humans, and looks out for them. Now, those are only proven to be a legend, or an old wives tale, seeing as those who live have never really seen the Pokemon with their own eyes. But because these Pokemon have such a great power, they have caught the attention of the heinous Team Rocket, an evil organization with plans on taking over the world. Team Rocket plans to capture the legendary Pokemon and use them for their own evil deeds - Whatever they may be...

    Now because they have caused trouble all over Johto, the gym leaders and professor Elm have teamed up to try to stop Team Rocket. There is a catch, both the professor, and the Gym leaders have duties to fulfil, and are in a bit of a pickle. But worry not, the solution is easy, they are recruiting strong trainers to aid them in their quest to defeat Team Rocket, and keep the Johto region a peaceful place.

    Now, whoever the Gym Leader and the kind Professor deem worthy enough, all receive mysterious letter, that when opened read: "Dear trainer, it has come to our attention that Team Rocket plans on capturing the legendary Pokemon Ho-oh, Lugia, and Celebi, it is your duty to try and stop them and keep the Johto region peaceful. Don't worry, you are not alone, there are others, hurry and find them so you can stop Team Rocket before things unfold into utter turmoil..."

    I. Please Respect the other roleplayers, if you don't then expect to be kicked out of this rp
    II. Shiny Pokemon are allowed, just not everyone can have one. Considering on how they're rare and all
    III. All characters must be between the age of 12-21
    IV. You can be any type of trainer or even part of Team Rocket.
    V. The battling style in this rp is anime based
    VI. Insert name here is my second in command. You guys must respect their word as well as mine.
    VII. Got any questions? Don't hesitate to ask me.
    VIII. All BMGf rules apply here, respect them

    Sign Up Sheet
    Appearance: (about a paragraph is good)
    Personality:(about a paragraph is good)
    Biography: (about 2 paragraphs)
    Pokemon Team:

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    Default Re: Crisis in Johto

    Um... I can be your second, if you have need? ^_^

    Name: Joseph and Joshua “The Clones” Antonimous

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male


    Joe and Josh stand tall for their age, at six foot two, and have a pale complexion. They both have messy black hair (though Joshes is approximately an inch longer) and bright, turquoise eyes. They both also have a thin, four-inch long scar on the side of their face (right for Joe, left for Josh) because they were born Siamese.

    They usually wear black, sometimes “mixing-it-up” with blue’s, green’s and pinks. They’re never seen without a pair of fingerless gloves (style may vary). They each also have a silver chain around their neck. that has a small, glass phial on it which is said to contain water from the lake of a Lugia. They wear them for good luck.

    Joe and Josh can be described as nothing more than quirky. Being sarcastic at times, happy-go-lucky at others, and downright insane normally on a rare occasion, people generally don’t know what they’re thinking. They differ in several ways, however; Josh is the more protective and dominant, sticking up for Joe and anyone else whom he admires. He is also more brutal, retorting to violence quicker than Joe would. Joe, on the other hand, may appear harmless, but watch out; this rose has thorns. If something really gets on his nerves, even Josh, his temper will gain control and he will lash out. They both have a, seemingly random, hate of Abomasnow.

    Joe and Josh were born in Snowpoint City, in Sinnoh. Their mother owned a large manor house, so it’s safe to say they had a slightly privileged childhood. Their mother was also the Snowpoint Gym leader, and their sister, Candice, would take over for her when she retired, which they all thought, but never voiced, would be soon, due to their Mother‘s breast cancer.

    They lived a happy childhood, often donning their Dowsing Machine Apps and searching through the deep snow for interesting and rare objects with their Mother‘s Purugly, Flees, until one day, when they were almost ten, they came across a horrific scene; a Glaceon, with a deep gash on it’s side, and being advanced on by an Abomasnow.

    Of course, they ordered Flees to attack the behemoth, and the Purugly soon had it fleeing for it’s life. Once the immediate threat was gone, they turned their attention to the injured Glaceon, who was now, quite remarkably, standing.

    They approached her, hands out, and tried to explain that they wanted to take her home and heal her, but the Glaceon shook her head, teeth clenched, and began to stagger towards the bushes, blood dripping from her open wound. Joe and Josh just stood and stared for a moment, until the Glaceon looked back at them and said “Glace! Glaceon!” urgently. They knew she wanted them to follow her. But what, they wondered, was more important than saving her life? But, nevertheless, they did as she wished.

    It soon became apparent what was so important, when they were clear of the bushes and saw a nest, with three eggs in it; she wanted them to care for the eggs, because she thought she was going to die.

    Well, Joe and Josh weren’t about to let a Pokemon die, so they each took an egg, Josh placing the third on Flees back, so it could stay warm in her fur, but Joe also gently picked up the Glaceon and laid it on Flees back, too.

    They rushed home, and into the Pokemon Centre. Candice was there, and after asking a few, short and quick questions about what had happened, allowed Nurse Joy to take the Glaceon into surgery.

    As Candice waited in the waiting room, Joe, Josh and Flees took the eggs home, explaining to their mother what had happened and where Candice was. They made a haphazard, fluffy nest for the eggs, consisting of beanbag chairs, blankets and snuggies, and then they, as well as their mother, returned to the Pokemon Centre.

    They walked back into the Waiting Area, and saw both Candice and Nurse Joy, apparently waiting for them. After telling them to sit and offering them tea, which Joe and Josh politely declined, Nurse Joy began to explain.

    Apparently, whatever attack that Abomasnow had used had cut too deep into the Glaceon’s body, and had subsequently damaged several of her vital organs beyond repair, and that she was currently on life support.

    Joe and Josh reeled from the blow, this story the root of their hate of Abomasnow. They both turned away as Nurse Joy to pull the plug…

    The eggs hatched several weeks later, by which time they’d each picked an egg and planned what they were going to do with it. Joe and Josh were going to go to Kanto and begin their journey with one of they young Eevee’s each. Candice would keep the third, training it up and evolving it into a Glaceon.

    Joe and Josh took a ship to Kanto, directly to Pallet Town, and received a Bulbasaur and Charmander from Professor Oak respectively. They travelled together, but chose different paths; Joe, contests, and Josh, Gym Battles. (They also spent several months training and learning Martial Arts at the Saffron Dojo, and thus are easily capable of defending themselves.)

    They caught many Pokemon through their journey through Kanto, and each reached their respective finals. However, they didn’t exactly…. “do well.” Joe lost his first battle stage in the Grand Festival, and Josh only made it to the final thirty-two in the Kanto League, Neither were deterred, however, so they returned for a visit home, and then visited Johto.

    It was when they retuned from Johto, however, when something else happened; their mother lost the battle, and her cancer took her.

    Both boys were distraught, being only twelve at the time. Candice, of course, took over the Gym after the funeral, and Joe and Josh, still being underage, needed to find a guardian to adopt them.

    It was then that their mother’s sister, Pricilla, offered to adopt them. They agreed, liking their aunt very much, and moved in with her.

    She lived in Snowpoint also, but in a smaller house than the manor, which was now being put up for sale (Candice lived above the gym.) After wallowing in misery for a few months, Pricilla talked Joe and Josh into continuing their journey.

    They explored Hoenn, and then their own home turf, Sinnoh, progressing further and further in the Grand Festival’s and Pokemon League’s progressively, afterwards returning to Kanto for another year to complete their Martial Arts training. They’ve been living at home for about a year, now, not having the inspiration to go and explore the new land of Unova yet.




    Once was Joe‘s first Pokemon. She hatched from an egg that he and Josh took home, along with two others, when their mother, a Glaceon, was killed by an Abomasnow. They‘ve been the best of friends for almost five years now. She is extremely loyal, and graceful in battle.


    Joe chose Ivy as his starter Pokemon when he and Josh started their journey through Kanto. She was his second ever Pokemon. Ivy was extremely shy to begin with, but once she saw Joe and Once playing in a field, she plucked up the courage to go and join them. She is still slightly shy to this day, but can often get over it.


    Found on the way to Cerulean City. Not a very interesting story; Joe saw him, battled him, and caught him. He likes to scare people. A lot.


    Joe met Drakie in Hoenn, just outside of Sootopolis City. She was trying to fend off a pack of Sharpedo at the time, and failing miserably until Josh called out his Wailord to disperse them. She was badly injured, so Joe caught her and took her to a Pokemon Centre, planning on releasing her when she was healed. As it turns out, the Sharpedo did some serious damage, and, according to Nurse Joy, she wouldn‘t survive in the wild, so Joe decided to keep her. She‘s very affectionate, and doesn’t like battling much.

    Technically genderless, but is referred to as male

    Caught as a Beldum who was stubbornly attached to the space station‘s wall in Mosdeep City. It was causing communication errors, until Joe coaxed it off with a few of his home-made Poffins. Daigo is thought to be very elderly for a Metagross, as his body has rusted slightly. He has a very short temper.


    Joe received Cruxis from a trade, in return for his old Blaziken. He was untrusting of Joe to start with, but soon came around.



    Amethyst was Joshes first Pokemon. She hatched from an egg that he and Joe took home, along with two others, when their mother, a Glaceon, was killed by an Abomasnow. They‘ve been the best of friends for almost five years now. She‘s quite lazy, and likes to make people happy, usually by singing.


    Josh chose Charming as his starter Pokemon when he and Joe started their journey through Kanto. He was his second ever Pokemon. Due to his shiny colouration, Charming was extremely haughty and proud, thinking himself better than all other Charmanders. He still kept this attitude up until Josh challenged the Pewter Gym, where he had to drop it and listen to Joshes commands or be flattened by an Onix. Charming is, nowadays, very loyal and proud, not responding well to insults.


    Josh caught Fluffy while he was terrorizing a family, swimming on the shores of Olivine City. He thinks the nickname is kinda “cute.” Fluffy kinda hates him.

    Technically genderless, but is referred to as male

    Josh just found and caught Data. Nothing really special. Data‘s quite mischievous and likes to make random sound effects to scare people.


    Caught as Joshes second Pokemon in Hoenn, the first being his starter. Padfoot is very arrogant, and when he barks, it sounds like a laugh.


    Traded as a Trapinch for Joshes Gastly. She doesn‘t like new people and is quite shy.

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    Default Re: Crisis in Johto

    Hope I'm not too late!

    Ricky De'Somago



    Ricky is of average height and slim weight. He stands at around 5'9" and weighs only 128 lbs. His most striking feature is his albinism. Ricky is an albino. He has snow white hair and very pale skin. His eyes are as red as the blood in his veins and he has a high sensitivity to sunlight. He keeps his teeth pearl white and has grown his hair slightly long. Clean-shaven and well kept, Ricky values cleanliness. He has long bony fingers and toes. On his back is a tattoo of an eye, as are on the back of his hands.

    Ricky often wears a black trench coat during the daylight hours due to his sensitivity to sunlight. Otherwise, his dress is very mature. He wears light-brown boat shoes or a dark colored dress shoes. He prefers dark denim and black slacks, as it keeps him protected from the sun's rays. Often times he wears button-down, long sleeve shirts or sweaters, and always has a pair of shades. For the purpose of ease, for this RP he will be wearing a pink button-down shirt with long sleeves, black casual fit slacks, darker colored boat shoes (Sperry's) and his trench coat. Also, he will have black socks, a brown belt, and grey shades.

    Ricky's primary mode of living is focused internally, in which he deals with things according to how he feels about them. His secondary more is external, taking things in via intuition. He is focused on making the world a better place for people and Pokemon. His goal in life is to find out his meaning in life. What is his purpose? How can he best serve people and Pokemon? He is an idealist and perfectionist, and he drives himself hard in his quest for achieving any and all goals he has identified for himself.

    Ricky is highly intuitive about people. He relies heavily on his intuition to guide him, and he uses his discoveries [about people] to constantly search for value in life. Ricky is on a continuous mission to find the truth and meaning in underlying things. Every encounter and every piece of knowledge gained gets sifted through his value system, and is evaluated to see if it has any potential in helping him define or refine his path in life. The goal at the end of the path is always the same though- to help people and make the world a better place.

    Generally thoughtful and considerate, Ricky can be a good listener and puts people at ease. Although he can be reserved in expressing emotion, he as a very deep well of caring and is genuinely interested in understanding people. This sincerity is often sensed by others, making Ricky a valued friend and confidante. He can be quite warm with people he knows well.

    Ricky truly does not mind conflict (sometimes even enjoying it), but will usually avoid it. If he must face it, he will always approach it from the perspective of his feelings. In conflict situations, he places little importance on who is right or wrong. He focuses on the way that the conflict makes him feel, and doesn't truly care whether he is right or not. This trait may sometimes make him seem irrational and illogical in conflict situations. Still, he is a good mediator, and is typically good at solving other's conflicts since he intuitively understands people's perspectives and feelings, and genuinely wants to help them.

    Ricky is flexible and laid-back, until one of his values is violated. In the face of his value system being threatened, he can become an aggressive defender, fighting passionately for his cause. When Ricky has adopted a project or job which interests him, it usually becomes a "cause" for him. Although he isn't really a detail-orientated person, he will cover every possible detail with determination and vigor when working for his cause.

    When it comes to mundane details of life maintenance, however, Ricky is typically completely unaware of such things. He wouldn’t notice a stain on his shirt.

    Often times Ricky doesn't like to deal with hard facts and logic (not always). His focus on feelings and human condition makes it difficult for him to deal with impersonal judgment. He doesn't understand the validity of it, which makes him quite ineffective at it. Yet, he has developed a sense of impersonal analysis and can prove to be quite logical when he wants to be. Under stress it is not uncommon for him to miss-use hard logic in the heat of anger, throwing out fact after fact in an emotional outburst.

    Ricky is a talented writer (and a terrible artist, although he enjoys drawing). He has no issues expressing himself verbally, but has a much easier and better ability to define and express what he is feeling on paper.

    Ricky was born in fast-paced Mauville city. His parents were both two very successful Coordinators in Hoenn who were rising to fame, and Ricky was really an accident- a baby really wasn't in their plan for fame. However, they accepted the mistake and gave birth to him. Ricky was born slightly underweight and had many problems as a newborn, the biggest being albinism, something that had run in the dad's family. For his sake, they moved far away to the calmer and quieter Blackthornn city, where the air was fresher and the mountains provided a natural shade which would allow Ricky to grow easier.

    But they weren't ready to give up their dream yet. Within a few months of his birth they flew away to Sinnoh, leaving Ricky under the care of a local nanny (who he still considers real family) and pursued their contest dreams. This became a constant in Ricky's life. By the age of five he was fully independent. His parents were gone more than half of his life, and he grew up with the nanny and took care of himself.

    On his tenth birthday, he awoke alone like most other days. His parents had sent him a gift from far away, in a plain cardboard box labeled with foreign stamps. In it was an egg. Ricky took to this egg like a child, taking the upmost care of it. Before his parents were back, it had hatched into a young Riolu, his first Pokemon. This changed his life, and he decided that he would become a trainer. So, at age ten, he left home.

    He first went to Dragon's Den, a sign of rebellion. He had always been told by the elders not to go in there. But he didn't get far before he found a dying Dratini. The dragon-type Pokemon had somehow been injured and Ricky desperately tried to save it. His attempts failed. But as a final gift of gratitude for Ricky's kindness, the dragon merged it's orb into Ricky, imbuing Ricky with the dragon's life aura. He passed out, and was rescued by a boy named AD.

    Thus became Ricky's journey. For nearly 15 years he and AD were inseparable. Ricky followed him until AD gave in, and the two became best friends. Together they filled their youth with happiness, travelling all over the globe and helping many. Eventually they went their separate ways, but they always run into each other all over the world.

    Recently Ricky moved to Blackthorn city with his old Nana, glad to be back home. His blood parents were gone from the city so he felt as his life was going to be easy. Recently he received this letter, and decided to take up the task. Legends amuse him.

    Pokemon Team:

    Bator- Male Lucario
    Ricky's first Pokemon, received as an egg as a birthday present. Has been with him since the two were ten. Wears a necklace with a small chunk of platinum ore hanging from it.

    Szell- Male Charizard
    Ricky’s first and only caught Pokemon, he used a net to grab the shiny Charmander and it took hours to convince Szell to get inside the Pokeball. He was Ricky's second Pokemon. Has a necklace with a strong glass ball, which holds charcoal inside of it.

    Reka- Genderless Magnezone
    Magnezone, back when it was a Magnemite, was attracted by a magnet in Ricky's pack one day when Ricky was travelling through a cave. It managed to sneak into Ricky's pack, but couldn't get back out. When Ricky opened his pack, they were far from the cave, so Magnetmite decided to stick with Ricky. It is Ricky's third Pokemon.

    Po- Female Pichu
    Met in Virdian Forest, Pichu followed Ricky until she let him stay. Pichu has broken her ball, so she can escape at will anytime he wants. She is Ricky's fourth Pokemon. She refuses to evolve, as her cuteness serves her naughty ways well.

    Blota- Female Swampert
    Found as a Mudkip in Hoenn, it seems the baby Pokemon had slipped from his Pokeball and wandered the wild for some time and taken up a territory, attacking all who entered it. Ricky wrestled Blota in her territory until she stopped fighting him. Wanting to be trained, Blota chose to stick with Ricky. She is Ricky's fifth Pokemon.

    Kihag- Male Tyranitar
    Ricky found Kihag as a baby Larvitar. The baby was wandering a desert and seemed curious when Ricky set up camp for the night. He was extremely enticed by the camp fire, sticking his hands in them and burning them severly. Ricky awoke to the young Larvitar's cries and rescued it. Larvitar then stayed with Ricky. Later, he returned the favor and protected Ricky from a pack of Sycther, injuring his hands again in the incident. He is Ricky's seventh Pokemon.

    Other Pokemon: (these reside at Ricky's home, and won't be used.)

    Skar- Female Skarmory
    Ricky's sixth Pokemon, Ricky rescued her from being annoyed to death by a group of naggy Spinda. She now resides in Ricky's home in Mt.Silver, taking care of it with Nana while Ricky is gone.

    Tang & Tong- Genderless Metang & Male Bagon
    Tang and Tong were together long before Ricky found them. The mischievous duo followed and pranked Ricky many times, but soon they took a liking to him and stuck with him. They now live in his Blackthorn home under the care of Skar and Nana, essentially pranking the whole town constantly. They are Ricky's last Pokemon.

    get bored
    plan to finish this soon

    Hope I'm not too late!


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