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    Default Click here!!! You know you want to!!!

    Hello everyone! You see, I made an RP a while back called your Pokemon World (Link: ). A lot of people joined, and it actually turned out to be pretty fun. Well, this is kinda the same thing, as it is called:

    Your Pokemon World 2!!!

    It will share the same plot as 'Your Pokemon World': Do whatever you want, as long as it has to do with Pokemon. Here is a recap on the rules:

    1. Keep the romance PG.

    2. Violence is allowed but, this thread is about Pokemon. Not about going around klobbering people with a semi-automatic.

    3. Occasional swearing accepted. But please keep it simple. (ex.Holy crap! What the hell is that?)

    4. No legendary Pokemon, please.
    (Will be captured later on.)

    5. Ask before starting a partnership with someone.

    6. You don't have to be a Pokemon trainer. You may become a Gym Leader, or even a member of the Elite Four. But first, you have to become a Pokemon master. The rules about things like this will be layed out later on. Anyway, I encourage you to be a Pokemon cooridinator or part of one of the badly-dressed evil teams. You may also have a normal job.

    7. Don't have the ultimate Pokemon team by your first post.

    8. I don't expect everyone to follow the exact same storyline.

    9. You may travel/live in any of the four regions.
    (Isshu will be added soon!)

    10. It is YOUR Pokemon World.

    Yeah, so do whatever you want. Here are the sign-ups:

    Pokemon (Species, Nickname, Level, Attacks):

    I will get my sign-up posted later, I just want to see how many people joined by later tonight.
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    Default Re: Click here!!! You know you want to!!!

    Name: Logan Grey

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male


    Personality: He is brave and outgoing. He loves making friends and can be very modest. His greatest flaw is that he is trusting but can be very naive.

    History: He was born and raised on the Sevii Islands, one island to be exact. He always found an interest in Pokemon Legends. Specifically the Legendary bird Moltres who is native to his island. He would always take hikes on Mt. Ember. His Father gave him a Charmander to start his Pokemon Journey. He has trained a for 2 years on the islands before taking a ship to Vermillion City.

    Profession: Trainer

    Region: Kanto

    Pokemon (Species, Nickname, Level, Attacks):

    Species: Charmeleon
    Nickname: Theo
    Level: 32
    Attacks: Fire Fang, Slash, Dragon Rage, Ember

    Other: How many Pokemon can we have? And are we limited to four moves? I'll edit my sign-up when you tell me.

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    Default Re: Click here!!! You know you want to!!!

    Name: Vladimir Reznov
    Nickname: Vlad
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Average height, slightly muscled, tawny brown hair kept short and in a faux-hawk.
    Personality: Vladimir is cold and calculating and realistic. He is often brutally honest. While some find his honesty appealing, most are turned away by it and view him as a pessimist who tries desperately to find the negative in any given situation. This he is not.
    History: Vladimir was born in the far north of the Sinnoh region, but disliked the bitter cold and at the age of 13 sneaked away to Johto to become a gym leader.
    Profession: Trainer/Ranger (in the main series sense, not the Ranger games sense)
    Region: Johto
    Pokemon (Species, Nickname, Level, Attacks): Male Monferno level 30: Adeon, Naughty natured (Ember, Mach Punch, Fury Swipes, Flame Wheel)

    Male Roselia level 28: Florian, Impish Nature (Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Magical Leaf, Giga Drain)
    Other: Has minor knowledge of Krav Maga


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