Note: I've started this RP two times before, but they both died. The first one was right around the start of school and the ones that had signed up were new to the forums in general and were not that active. The second one failed because it came right during the semester breaks. Then, one member got grounded then another member had something come up so we never were on the same time. Hopefully, things will be different this time. So, here it goes...


The Pokemon World is full of things to discover. Everyone has their own calling. However, discovering this calling may be a long and rigorous process in which one must travel across the World meeting new people and Pokemon along the way. Eventually, some may find their calling and heed to it while others will choose to quit. Therefore, it is a matter of heart and strength in spirit, mind and body. Only the truly strong succeed, though most start out believing that they will succeed.

And what becomes of those who do heed their calls? Some became Trainers with one common goal: to earn the respect of Pokemon and trainers alike. Their road to success is paved with battles. Others choose to become coordinators to show the elegance of Pokemon.

Whatever it is it is bound to take the person on a hard and tiring journey. A journey full of adventure, happiness and sorrow. A journey where a person bonds with Pokemon and other people to form strong bonds of friendship. Thus, each person looks forward to start their own journey not knowing what fate has in store for them.

These particular chronicles expose the stories of a group of trainers. This particular episode chronicles the journey of the trainers through Kanto.



I will have my own SU up as soon as possible.