Note: My first RP wish me luck!

Millions of years ago. A mysterious object was spotted in the sky. A group of Starly gathered near it, but dissappered. This object was the Chaos Orb. The Chaos Orb is the key to unlocking the Chaos Dimension. Now, Team Rocket has captured the Chaos Orb, and the universe is in peril. Pokemon attacking towns and cities, national diasters, and worst of all, the world, piece by piece, is dissolving into nothing, becoming part of the Chaos Dimension. Now, as the only people left alive, you must destroy the Chaos Orb.

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Name: Maximillion Goldberg
Nickname: Max
Partner Pokemon: Axew (Male)
PP Moveset: Dragon Rage, Rock Smash
Appearance: 11 year old boy with brown hair. wears a gold colored tuxedo.

Info: Born in Goldenrod City, but moved to Nuvema Town. He is the son of a millionare. When he was 5, His family was caught in a tornado. The next day, they found a baby Axew stuck in their chimmeny. They set it free, but stayed in their backyard. At 10, his parents gave him the Axew. Now he defends himself along with Axew as he sets out to save our world.