ATTENTION: The Bulbagarden RPG Awards-Winners Announced

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Thread: The Bulbagarden RPG Awards-Winners Announced

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    Default The Bulbagarden RPG Awards-Winners Announced

    Hello everyone, I think it's finally time to announce the winners of these RP awards. After two weeks of voting we've finally been able to pick out the winners of the awards.

    Now, the rest of the RP Staff and myself would like to thank you all for nominating and voting for these characters and we hope that we'll also have your support the next time the awards roll around.

    Now without further ado, here are your winners of the RP Awards.

    Best Character Winner:Lucien Vairmourne (Trebloome Academy)

    Best Hero Character: Anthony Briarwood (The Half Project)

    Best Villain: Joe and Josh Antonimous (Various)

    Best RP: Trebloome Academy (series)

    Best Non Pokemon RP: Bounty Hunters

    Congratulations to all the winners and good luck to those that weren't able to win, I just want you all to remember to have fun and make great RPs that you can all be proud of and that can make this section even greater.

    The winners will be receiving banners especially customized for them. All you need to do is send a picture that you would like your banner to have through PM to our very own head of staff @Mako; once your banner is ready you will receive it.

    Thank you all for your time and see you all later.

    -The RP Staff

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    Default Re: The Bulbagarden RPG Awards-Winners Announced

    I'd also like to extend my congratulations to all the winners, as well as anyone else who was nominated.

    You're all awesome and I love you all.

    As for the banners, I wanted to do something unique and special for you all. I'm going to let you all design your banners to a degree. So send me an image and requests for colors etc. and I'll pass them along to the staff artist. They'll probably take a couple of weeks to be made, but you're all going to have a pretty special banner recognizing your achievements.

    - Mako
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