The Last Battle has been fought. Rand al'Thor has defeated the Dark One and banished him into the depths of the Pattern. Peace has been restored to the world, and, due to the Dragon's Peace, no nations are ever at war. As the Aes Sedai returned to Tar Valon they found it destroyed by a bubble of evil. The Asha'man returned to the Black Tower to find it mostly destroyed by the fighting that had liberated it.

The two factions, came together, the male and female channelers of the One Power converged, and started the Baerlon School of Use in the One Power. The school encompassed both saidar and saidin,the two halves of the One Power. Here they could bring the new generation of channelers into the new Age of Legends. Doubtless many of them would become great leaders and channelers in their own right.

To take part in this RP it will almost be essential to have read the Wheel of Time books or to look at the Wiki, link here: A Wheel of Time Wiki - A wiki dedicated to the world of WOT

In this RP RPers will be students at the Baerlon School of Power. You are entering into a new age, an Age of Greatness, and Age of Legends.

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