Hi, everyone. I'm new around here, however, I've got quite some expirience under my belt with roleplaying. No, I'm not a newb, and I don't expect to be treated like one. I decided to give everyone a taste of my RPing style since I will be spending much of my time here. I hope you like it.
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Across the sparkling ocean south of Sinnoh, a wealthy billionaire named Samuel Azure, donated a large portion of his fortune to a grand project. Among the beatiful sights of a coral reef he raised a huge island, and atop the island he built the Azure Grand Resort! The resort was Azure's crowning achievement. The resort was the perfect vacation spot and training ground for trainers and their Pokemon alike. There were plenty of activities to enrich the guests staying there chosen specially to strengthen the bond between Pokemon and their trainers. Above the waves, it was a massive hotel with spas, restraunts, shops and more for trainers and their Pokemon. There were even battlefields for those who came with the simple intent of battling inside. Outside, a large beach stretches to the water's edge, with water as clear and blue as crystal. Everywhere you go on the island, you are surrounded by nature. The majority of the mainland surrounding the resort was covered in foliage, forests home to many different species of Pokemon. For those looking for adventure, huge mountains pierced the sky at the southern tip of the island, as well as for those looking for a more idyllic attraction, there were plenty of hiking paths through the blooming, flowery fields and forests. Even below the waves the resort was unique. Thousands of suites with huge glass walls facing the ocean,rested undewater, nestled amongst the reef. Sheets of metal fencing protect curious Pokemon from bumping against the glass. Azure was holding a huge tournament to announce the grand opening of the resort. He hoped that the public attention would help draw notice from the incidents of workers being attacked by the ocean's pokemon. He wanted to hide the true reason behind the Azure Grand.


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