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    80 years after the defeat of the Equalists, Korra died of illness. A strange occurence had Before the next Avatar was born, the spirits began to grow restless. Something was wrong, 5 had passed and something strange occured. Air Benders were being born into family's of Non-Benders. After 5 years had passed, the Air Bender Population has reached half of the population before the Air Nomad Genocide and a girl was born into the Earth Kingdom. Her name was Haruhi Kiriyu. She was discovered by Order of the White Lotus to be the Avatar, a bender who could bend all four elements, and immediately started her training of Fire Bending under the tutelage of Korra's husband, Mako. While training, the spirits continued to grow more restless. Having just master fire bending, Haruhi had to master the elements of Air and Water. Now based in Republic City while she the White Lotus searches for a Water Bending Master while she is taught Air Bending by Kaname Nakamura. Little did the Avatar or the Order of the White Lotus know, an organization known as Nox Lyrba is working underground to control the spirit world and bring the world back to its ancient roots.



    Character Slots: (Note: Only 2 people for each element)

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