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Thread: Assassins' Creed: Reborn [A Non-Pokemon RP] *Sign-ups ALWAYS open*

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    Default Assassins' Creed: Reborn [A Non-Pokemon RP] *Sign-ups ALWAYS open*

    "Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember..."

    "Nothing is true."

    "Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember..."

    "Everything is permitted."

    "We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins. Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

    Welcome to 1500's Rome, my friends, and good luck. You'll need it.


    If you can't tell from the title and introduction, this is a non-Pokemon Role-Play following the basic plotline of Assassins' Creed: Brotherhood. It's a very free-form sandbox-y thing, meaning that there is no strict plotline, and assumes that Ezio Auditore never existed. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

    Basic Plot



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    Default Re: Assassins' Creed: Reborn [A Non-Pokemon RP] *Sign-ups ALWAYS open*


    Character's name:
    Marcus Octavianus

    Character's gender:

    Character's Sexuality:

    Character's Appearance:
    Marcus is a white male, standing at exactly 5"10 and weighing 138 lbs. He has a full beard, Tom Selleck's mustache, and sideburns. His dark blue eyes aren't seen when he is wearing his dark black cloak which covers most of his face. He has a medium sized nose, not that much to say about it. He's not extremely muscular, but enough so he can climb buildings and win fistfights (well, a majority of the time). He has short, black hair. That's really all I can think of for his appearance.

    Character's Personality:
    Marcus prefers to keep things to himself. He often appears to be in his own world; and he is. He still pays (partial) attention to what people around him are saying, but tends to drift off. He finds no glory in killing, but he has hardened emotions, can, and will kill. He won't talk unless spoken to, and not just if people command him. He is quite intelligent, and prefers to use stealth over any strength.

    Character's History:
    Marcus Octavianus was born in (ummm... 1480 if taking place in early 1500s, 1522 if middle 1500s, and 1561 if late 1500s) Rome. He grew up in a line of dark, evil ancestors on his paternal side. When he was 4, his father brutally murdered his mother in front of his own eyes. This is a burden he still carries today, but hides it all costs. This hardened his emotions by a ton. His father then abused him throughout his early childhood, before his sense of independence came in. When he was 10, he set off from home. He spent the rest of childhood and his teen years on the cold streets of Rome.
    Then, the day he turned 18, he took a job as a mercenary and thief. He hated himself for doing this, but it was the only way he could make money. He spent around a decade doing miserable deeds, and avoiding guards.
    He quit his job, after he met his wife, Rosa Domitilla. They had 3 kids- Paolo, Marcus II, and Quintus. While his family was still in its youth, Borgia guards had pinned him to several murders, and broke into his house in the middle of night. They were aiming to murder him, but the cover of darkness led them to murder his wife, and Marcus escaped with his kids (he had tried to defend his wife, but he couldn't). An explosion a few years later killed his kids, but Marcus was only given a few burns.
    He realized all this was caused by his father, and he went to his father's house. He bludgeoned his father to death, even though he was now an old man. He left, and hid from society for a few years.
    Eventually, everyone forgot about him, and returned to Rome. He joined the Assassins, trying to forget about his dark, miserable past. However, though no one knows about his past, it still haunts him, and he has to harden his emotions even more to prevent suicidal thoughts from entering his mind.

    Special Equipment:
    Double Hidden Blades

    "We work in the dark to save the light. We are Assassins. Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

    OOC: I hope I get in, I spent an hour on this (well, to be fair, I did get distracted by the TV for a few minutes)!

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    Default Re: Assassins' Creed: Reborn [A Non-Pokemon RP] *Sign-ups ALWAYS open*

    Reserve me a spot please!

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