People who have lingering regret or blame God for there misfortune are unable to reborn. They instead awake in the afterlife with the main idea of attending the large school you awake in so you can be reborn but every once in a while. People who had such horrible lives that blame god for or can't accept that there dead decide to do the exact opposite and cause chaos and stay as long as they can and then. There are people who have accepted there deaths or fulfilled there lingering regret but wish to stay and help others get reborn. The afterlife itself is primarily a large boarding school where classes, sports, and clubs are held and attended by a lot of students but most of them are NPC"s. There were apart of the world from the very beginning and have no souls. Human students who attend classes, go to clubs, play sports, or just act as a good student in general end up dissapearing and being reborn.
Like every story, there's two sides to this one.

Class SSS: Rebels Against God
A battle front created by rebels who want to stay in the afterlife and rebel against god for there horrible lives. They do this by causing chaos in general. Breaking rules, skipping classes, ETC. They create weapons from a place called the guild which is a large cavaren underneath the school which manufactures weapons. They often fight the Student Body Counsel using those weapons because the Counsel tries to enforce the rules and try to help other humans cross over. They even have a band for the sole purpose of distracting NPC's during large battles to keep them out of the way or to steal there lunch tickets for a free meal.

Student Counsel
Basically people with tittles such as Student Body President, Student Treasurer, ETC. This is really just a facade because there main purpose is to enforce the rules and help people get reborn. Instead of using weapons. They use a computor program called Angel Player which they use to edit there bodies and in tern give them unique abilities such as generating a long sword from your body or something else. The abilities are called Guard Skills and are voice activated. Though there only used as self defense. The main reason to counter the attacks from the Battlefront. Those who break rules and get caught are kicked off the Counsel. (Key word being Caught).


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