I moved (and edited) it just because i posted it in the wrong place by accident
one day famed trainers red and gold/Ethan were talking (...) through their pokegears when a gold brought up the subject of a tag-team league with all the leaders and every elite 4/champian plus both battle frontiers and a world elite 4. red said yes but asked what is the level cap. gold said the max level for a single Pokemon is 500 you could also have 8 Pokemon in your party instead of six. but little did they know every evil team teamed up(pun) to form a deadly alliance.
so far there are 2 characters on the journey (red and gold/Ethan) both have 8 pokemon level 100 with 4 moves
when you add your character, you must continue to use it (no killing any characters whether it's your own or some one else's)
here's the format

name of character
type specialty (say none if not specific)
Pokemon 1 and moves/level
Pokemon 2 and moves/level
Pokemon 3 and moves/level
pokemon 4 and moves/level
pokemon 5 and moves/level
pokemon 6 and moves/level
pokemon 7 and moves/level
pokemon 8 and moves/level

now mine

no specialty
pikachu level 100 with volt tackle thunder charm and thunderbolt
blastoise level 100 with blizzard surf hydro cannon and razor shell
charizard level 100 with blaze burn flare blitz fly and flamethrower
venusaur level 100 with frenzy plant toxic giga drain and body slam
snorlax level 100 with snore rest body slam and amnesia
larpras level 100 with blizzard surf hydro pump and Aurora beam
espion level 100 with return psychic confusion and body slam
mewtwo level 100 with submission counter psychic and teleport