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    Run by me and @Yun

    In the distant future of 199X, everything has become hooked up to the internet. You can find out if your car has enough gas in it from any computer with an internet connection, and set your coffee maker to have a pot of decaf ready as soon as you get home from the office. Due to this, a new tool for browsing the web has been created: Avatars. By simply putting on a pair of sun glasses, one can actually put their consciousness into the internet, given a form of their choice. Avatars can be used to browse the internet like never before. Websites become entire worlds: Google is a room full of portals, Wikipedia is a colossal, high-tech library, 4chan is a charred wasteland locked in eternal battle, and Bulbagarden is a huge forest with small towns populated by strange creatures.

    Of course, this all comes with a price. Since everything is online, Avatars can be used for evil. Robbing banks, downing power grids, and stealing video games are all possible uses for the avatar.

    To combat the government has decided to combat by passing the Secure Internet Act. This act forms a new group, called the Admins, made to combat e-crime in all it's forms.

    In this RP, you'll be playing as a member of this group, travelling the internet with your squad and fighting hackers and viruses to protect the people. Your character might have been hired, or may have been given the chance to join as an alternative for hacking. Either way, it is now your duty to protect and serve as a new member of the Admins!

    Name: Your character's real name.

    Username: What they go by on the internet.

    Appearance: Optional. This is what your character looks like in real life.

    Likes: What does your character like?

    Dislikes: What doesn't your character like?

    Avatar: What's your Avatar's name?

    Appearance: What does your avatar look like? Go wild here. They can look like pretty much anything. You could make a trench-coated badass who dual-wields pistols. Or a crimson-robed sorcerer with hands ablaze. Or a samurai who wields a blade of plasma.

    Abilities: Again, go wild here, just so long as it's not overpowered. Your character could be a martial artist who throws plasma grenades, or a tinkerer who creates machines to fight opponents for him.

    How they joined the Admins: Exactly what it looks like. How they became a member of the admins. They might have been forced to join, or done so of their own volition.

    Name: Earnest Evans

    Username: DrChaos

    Appearance: In real life, Earnest is an older teenager, with long black hair, and pale skin. He spends most of his time inside, and has few friends in real life.

    Likes: Helping people, protecting others, being nice, tentacles

    Dislikes: Rudeness, people who misuse the internet, women in real life.

    Avatar Appearance: DrChaos takes the appearance of a green man, with a body covered in scars. His hair is long, black, and tied into a braid, and he has opaque glasses. He has a long, black labcoat, and four purple tentacles sprouting from his back. The fingers of his left hand end in needle-like points.

    Abilities: DrChaos's tentacles are very strong, and can extend up to 10 feet. His body secretes a chemical that heals any Avatars it touches. This is always working on him, giving him regeneration from wounds. He can also inject it into other creatures through the points in his left hand.

    How they joined the Admins: DrChaos was framed for robbing a bank over the internet. His name was fortunately cleared, and DrChaos was inspired to join the Admins.

    -No godmodding.
    -Avoid one-liners. Every once in a while, it's fine, but try to write at least a paragraph most of the time.
    -Keep romance PG-13, if you please.
    -In case you haven't guessed, this is based off of ideas of what the internet was like back in the 90s. Being campy or silly is encouraged.
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    Also this RP is really cool. It's like Percy Jackson. You can be a god's reincarnation and have powers and you're at a school and it's totally radical!


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