So, in an attempt to try rebooting a Homestuck/MSPaintAdventures-based roleplay, here I am again, this time with more organization. Because things have been altered quite a bit, it isn't necessary to read Homestuck if you haven't, don't worry.

Alright, so, this RP is about an upcoming session of the infamous game Sburb (or whatever the heck a universe would call the game). The catch? The session will be a hack of sorts; an unofficial "sequel" to it made by a group of SkaiaNet Inc. workers, trying to make things better, something that the previous sessions played by the original game lacked. Somehow, the session players will get ahold of these game copies instead of the plain ol' Sburb, and the game will take them on a wild ride, much different than what others would go through.
The game takes place after the two warring kingdoms of Prospit and Derse have settled to an uneasy stalemate, trying to share Skaia under a truce. What appears to be time of peace and false joy, both kingdoms have been riddled with spies from both sides, rioters trying to raise hell and start the war back up, as well as not only Derse making monsters, from imps to ogres to basilisks, for their armies, but also Prospit, both stockpiling and ready. And this is the situation the session players will end up on. It'll be their duty to try keeping peace between the two as they play, though it's hard, having both mistake them as the enemies, as well as other matters, all while the session players try to make progress trying to win the game.
It is a game of connections, and linking old to new. Instead of the Players' planet(s) being completely decimated by meteors sent by the Reckoning, the programmers created a shield to protect earth from most, other than the ones meant for the players, and even then, the damage from them will be little, as the players would soon have to travel back to their world(s) and complete things.
Now, there is loads more than this that'll happen, but they'll be explained in time!

For character creation, it's obvious for a Homestuck RP to have the option between human and troll characters, but we can have another race if everybody agrees!
Here's a possible character sign up sheet:

I am...probably looking for at least three others before we can start things!