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    Exclamation YouTube Videos Ending Early

    Anyone having this problem? This started happening to me about a couple weeks ago. Lowering video quality didn't help either.

    A video would sometimes end earlier than it should and it'll do it at random. Say the video is 10 minutes long, the video might end at oh say 5:23 min. I would have to reload the same video again and it might end at 7 min or it might play the whole video. It randomly happens to any video I would watch. Some videos play fine and some not. It's totally random.

    Yes I tried clearing the cache and my history on my browsers (IE, Chrome, & Firefox) and disabling software like an ad blocker. None of these worked. I also checked the internet connection and that doesn't seem to be problem either.

    Anyone else have this problem? Is there a solution?

    It's VERY annoying! :(
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