Wii: 16:9? Yeah, right.

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Thread: Wii: 16:9? Yeah, right.

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    Default Wii: 16:9? Yeah, right.

    I'm having a strange little problem with my Wii, and I need help. But first, a little background.

    For my birthday (August 25th), I got a Magnavox 32" 720p LED HDTV. It's already proven to be the best TV I've ever had, and it's a big reason why I haven't been very active on BMGf and the Internet in general for the last few days, XD.

    Now, the problem. I've connected my Wii to the TV through component cables because I obviously wanted to play it with my understatedly massive TV upgrade. However, for some strange reason, it only wants to display in 4:3 resolution, meaning black bars on the side. I've even went to the Wii Settings and set the TV Resolution to "EDTV or HDTV (480p)" and the Widescreen Settings to 16:9, and it still shows 4:3; in fact, it looks squished in between the aforementioned black bars.

    Is there any explanation or solution for what could be going on here?

    EDIT: I think I found it, XD. I just had to set my TV to 16:9 when I had my Wii turned on. I'll just close this (because anyone can close their own threads; I don't have mod powers in Tech Help) and leave it as a reference point for others with similar problems.
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