Okay, Wikkii is a site that lets you create wikis. Like Bulbapedia, only these wikis aren't independent and they're free.

But I went to pull up the wiki I started, but I was taken to a search engine with search results instead. I'm thinking "WTF, was my wiki deleted for some reason?!" so I try to pull up the Wikkii site. But I get taken to the same search engine. I also tried clicking links for other Wikkii wikis, but I get the same result.

So now I know something is wrong with Wikkii. It's like it never even existed. Does anyone know what happened to it? I'll be pissed if I've lost my wiki for good, because I'd put a lot of work into it and all by myself (that's right, I didn't have any other staff yet). Yeah, I don't constantly work on it and I do forget about it for a short while, but it isn't like I abandon it for months at a time or anything.