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    Okay, so this is a neat new piece of technology designed to further virtual reality gaming. Basically what it is is a sort of treadmill that allows you to naturally walk, run, and jump through VR worlds without actually going anywhere IRL, serving as a natural form of movement in virtual reality. In addition to the obvious use for gaming (in which game genres that require the player to traverse through video game worlds), they also cite other uses for this thing, such as physical training, virtual tourism, events and meetups, workplaces, etc. So it's like they're trying to create an entire virtual society. More info can be found on their website:

    Anyway, this looks really interesting, and I was wondering how they would handle the problem of motion through virtual worlds without actually moving, because this allows my favorite video game genre (platforming) to become more suitable for virtual gaming. Can't wait to see some actual games that use this technology.

    EDIT: You can see it in action here:

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