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    Ohhhhkaaayyy. So. I have this beastly custom-built computer that belonged to my father before he passed away. For the longest time I was accustomed to a crappy Dell Dimension 2400 running XP. This computer is way different. It has two hard drives: New Volume is the C: drive and Local Disk is instead D: drive. It runs Vista Ultimate off of the C: drive. Now, a few weeks ago the computer froze while it was shutting down and I foolishly turned it off, wanting to get some sleep (the tower glows briiiiight bright blue). I corrupted some registry entries by doing this and lost the ability to boot. Yay. So, I had to go through my father's things and I finally found the installation disc. I intended to repair the OS, but that option didn't come up. So, I opted to reinstall. I accidentally installed it on the wrong drive, the D: drive. Oops! So, I had two copies of the same OS on one computer. I managed to access the bad registry and fix it with backup files through the second OS, which for the most part fixed my problem. I decided to leave both OS on the machine just in case. Now, occasionally lately I'll get the Vista Blue STOP screen. It's bloody annoying. More often than not it happens when I'm out of the room. It restarts the computer and goes to a screen asking me to select my OS, which shows up on every boot. The problem here is that the OS I use, that has my settings and programs and everything installed, is second on the list. So when it restarts and I'm not in the room, I come back to this depressingly dull OS that has nothing installed and still shows the 'Welcome to Vista!' tutorial thing. And it's in the wrong resolution, too. Ugh. So then I have to exit that, wait for it to shut down, and then restart and...blah blah blah. It's bloody annoying.

    My question, then, is:
    Is there any way I can switch the two OS around in that list so that it'll start the one I use (C: Drive) up instead? I'm not too concerned about the Blue Screens at this time. As far as I'm concerned they're nothing more than an annoyance compared to the XP version of the Blue Screen...

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    Try going to:

    Control Panel-> System icon-> Advanced Tab-> Startup and Recovery Settings and there will be a drop-down list allowing you to set which operating system is the default.

    You could also turn off the option to show the list of available operating systems if you wanted to boot into your default automatically on every startup.

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    O: Yay! That worked, thanks!

    Now I just need to pinpoint what's causing my blue screens. It's happening a lot more frequently the past few days. I think there's more than one cause. D:


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